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I wish that there was a phone app for this site. I'd definitely be way more actibe on here.

Tlee You can actually save the link to your home screen and then just click the remember me button when you log in...that what I done 9 months ago

Webinar - How to Start an Effective Self-Help Support Group with Barbara White. THURSDAY AUGUST 16, 2012 @ 3PM EST. Self-Help Clearinghouse together with... Show more

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6 years ago

Please share widely. It promises to be a useful and interesting webinar. Barbara J. White is an excellent public speaker. She has given over 500... Show more

Hi Friends,
I wrote an article about the New Jersey Self-Help Group Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse lists support groups for all types of issues...
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Wow, we've got 20 members in just a few days. Excellent! Let's not be shy. Please feel free to post. Let's build a caring online community. Let's... Show more

a Guest Is this site new or just a lot of new members recently? 6 years ago
Missy This a new site only a few months old I believe. I've been here @ least 2 months and this site has grown big time in a short time. ASN has been like a Godsend to me! 6 years ago

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Excellent resource.... The American and New Jersey Self-Help Group Clearinghouse. Call for the most up-to-date information on support groups in... Show more

 Anxiety Support At ASN - The Mental Health Anxiety Social Network 

  Social anxiety support ! Help Your Self And Others, Keep a Diary, Anxiety Q&A

Too many people are facing the everyday struggle of fighting against social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD, agoraphobia and panic attacks on their own and it can lead to a very long and lonely journey. Therefore, we have decided to create a community where people feel safe and comfortable in not only sharing their inner-most thoughts, struggles and afflictions, but also success stories, advice and recommendations. What’s more is that on the receiving end of your words there are people who, just like you, are battling with anxiety problems. So why not lend a hand and help each other? 


As a member of the Anxiety Social Net, you will be able to create your own profile that can only be seen by other members. Also, you will have the chance to keep a diary of how you feel, what you have done and accomplished throughout the day. As most of our members would agree, you will find that keeping a diary can be very helpful to you and other people you would like to share it with. Moreover, as a member you will have the opportunity to expand your horizon by meeting new and interesting people who are not there to judge you but only to help and empathize with what you are going through 

 Here at Anxiety Social Net, we never leave you alone because we believe that healing can be done together. We give each other the strength and motivation to fight and defeat this invisible monster. So stop being lost in the dark. Turn on a light of hope for yourself and others who are suffering from anxiety disorders. Join our website and become a member today! Where there’s help, there’s hope.


The Anxiety Social Net Team 




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