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feeling anxious again

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after suffering my first panic attack from a bad reaction after smoking Spice, something i had never done and regret so badly in november and having about 3 more attacks of panic in december it seemed i finally had gotten over it. i spent a couple days over a few weeks having my dad care for me as he too has had anxiety attacks and panic years ago when he was younger. he doesn't have them at all anymore. in fact, he can even drink coffee almost daily. he gives me hope i guess you could say. he got over it naturally.

so after staying with him for awhile, he was having me drink a mix of st. john's wort and valerian root tea every night before going to bed. i remember feeling so anxious and scared. worse than how i feel now. i havent had panic attacks since december and a couple weeks ago my anxiety had all gone away. i was happy again, i could hangout with friends and go to work. i was so relieved. but up until last week i slowly started feeling the symptoms again. very slight fear, and everyday it seemed to get a little more noticeable, day by day, little by little. until i almost feared i was going to have a panic attack but i never did. and now the past couple of days ive been feeling a bit anxious, nothing like the first time i experienced anxiety but it still bothers me. it still weighs on me. my dad says theyre flashbacks. that I'm getting better but its a process of which symptoms go away and then return for a bit and then go away again until one day youre just free. at least thats how it was for him. i trust what he's says is true, because he's my dad. he's an herbalist, if thats even what you call people who are certified in herbal remedies and natural medicine. he got into it when he suffered from panic. he said he used to stand outside the ER when he would get attacks. he didnt know what was happening just like the rest of us when we first experience them. he'd stand outside in case he were to pass out or really feel like he was going to drop right there. he'd stand there until the attack would pass, he would have to leave work to do this. eventually he saw a DR. that put him on medication. about 6 months in he told the DR he wasnt getting any better, he seemed to get worse. sure the pills helped calm him down when he got attacks but he never saw an improvement until he met a man who was an herbalist. the man put him on supplements for his body. detoxification and just natural medicine and eventually he got better. and this was years ago, everytime i ask about his experience with anxiety i feel hope that ill get past it too. i hope i can also as so many people are able to. i just wish it could happen now, it sucks feeling like this. i notice talking about it helps a bit, even crying helps. well i guess ill start updating my progress on here. i hope this site helps in overcoming anxiety as well.

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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!


Support us By Shoping at Amazon


We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!