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Starting High School

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So I'm new to this website. I found out about it through Twitter and figured I should check it out. I'm 14, so I'm going to start my first year of high school in September. I'm nervous (more nervous than I usually am). Whenever I try to tell my parents or anyone about how scared and worried I am about starting high school, they always brush it off and say that everyone is nervous about high school and that it'll turn out fine. Well ok. I didn't realize everyone had Generalized Anxiety Disorder to deal with. I hate it so much when people try to act like their minimal stress is anything similar to what it's like spending every second of your life worrying about things that probably don't even matter. BEING STRESSED AND HAVING AN ANXIETY DISORDER ARE NOT SYNONOMOUS! But anyway, back to what I was saying. So my school didn't give us any information or any details about how things work at the school. We've already had three orientations and I still don't know what time school starts. There are common knowledge things about the school day that I don't know and that scares me a lot. In just a few short weeks, I'm going to be walking into a school I know nothing about with a bunch of people I barely know in a situation that's completely new to me. You know, in my middle school, we didn't have locks on our lockers. I'm going to go to school and look like an idiot because I don't know how to open a combination lock. Then everyone is just going to stare at me and I'll be known as the girl who couldn't open her fucking locker. They also didn't give us a list of supplies we need for our classes. What if I forget to buy something from Staples? I'll seem unprepared. The best advice I've ever gotten in life was that you only get one chance to make a first impression. What if I fuck it up? In addition to that, the first three weeks of school, my bedroom is being redone. That means I'll be getting a crappy night sleep on an air mattress in my play room for almost the entire first month of school. As if that wasn't ENOUGH stress, my parents are making me get a job being a referee for little kids soccer games. I'll already have to wake up early for school and wake up early to do volunteer work on Sundays, but now I also have to wake up at 7:30 on Saturdays. I barely get any sleep already because I'm up all night FUCKING WORRYING ABOUT STUFF LIKE THIS! And even when I do sleep, It's a challenge to actually stay asleep. I know it's only the beginning of August, but even thinking about September is making my stomach sick. As a little side note,my left arm is numb too. Does that ever happen to any of you? But on a more positive note, this is a col website. I really enjoy being able to vent like this. You can expect to see me on here a lot more :]


- Val


  • Comment Link Christine Burton Friday, 05 October 2018 04:59 posted by Christine Burton

    When I was starting high school I was in the proper age of the understanding well and known all the scenes of that time I have still remember. Then I have spent all thirteen years on that school website was the first source of me join the high school.

  • Comment Link Julie Turek Tuesday, 31 December 2013 08:09 posted by Julie Turek

    The "best advise you got" is actually dumb and for those of us with illnesses doesn't even apply. As far as I am concerned, most people you now know you won't know in 10 yrs. The best advise I got was: do not worry about what people think. You don't know most of them, won't see them again, or if they are friends and family realize this: friends, true friends don't care about you making a mistake or a faux pas. Your family can and probably are the cause of your illnesses both genetically and due to how they treat you. Find a trusted adult to help you with your fears about the new school. Know you aren't alone. ASK ASK ASK. You can not G. E. T. if you do not A. S. K. Ask someone at the school to answer your questions (If they provide the locker locks, ask them how to use them. If they don't and you have to buy them, directions should be on the box.) Life is hard now, but it gets easier regarding giving a shit what people think about you later. It is then filled with financial worry, but at least you have enough self esteem to realize these people with their noses up do not matter at all. Best wishes, and contact me if need, Julie

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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!


Support us By Shoping at Amazon


We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!