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How I cope with anxiety.

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I felt like writing this; firstly so I can check back here when I'm feeling bad, and secondly, so that others reading this can try out my ideas.
They don't always work all the time, for everything. Probably because so many different things make me anxious. But anyway, here it is:


- Controlled breathing. What I believe to be my most effective weapon against anxiety. Breathe in for so many counts, breathe out for double. My psychologist showed me thisafter triggering a rather nasty panic attack. Difficult when you can't breathe, but keep trying- it will work out after a while.

-Meditation/daydreaming. Pretty much opposites. But allowing a calm moment to focus can change your whole attitude. Meditation is good with relaxing music from youtube. I can clear my mind of everything, forget what I'm stressed about. When daydreaming, I let my thoughts make their own path. This an lead me towards anxiety, but sometimes I am led to a happy thought, and just end up laughing my head off. Drawing, singing and dancing also allow me to focus.

-My twitter page. I have a twitter account, @mutism_story, which I use to post anything to do with anxiety. I keep a sort of diary, and post good and bad. I raise awareness of Selective Mutism, as well as talking about my other stresses, and sometimes post quotes, lyrics etc. Venting is amazing :) And I have made some good, supportive friends who all understand me. Same goes for here. Encouragement makes my day.

-My diary. So far has only one or two messages, I wrote them out neatly and keep it stashed in my safe. I write down anything that inspires me. The stuff that touches your very soul, makes you smile and cry at the same time. Messages of support and encouragement, and I'm about to add the lyrics to 'Read All About It' part 3- Emeli Sande. Every. Single. Line. The most beautiful and meaningful song every written, in my opinion.

-Comedy. I love to watch comedians such as Michael Macintyre, John Bishop, Russel Howard, my brother and sister... and many others. If they make me laugh, I will watch them. I forget eveything else, abandon my phone, computer, even nail varnish is half-done and forgotten. Laughter is my best friend and by best cure.

-Creativity. I draw, paint my nails, dye my hair, wear brightly coloured/patterned/daring clothes, cover objects in glitter....cheers me up, and confident looks= confident feelings. Apparently.

-Challenges. I throw myself into a situation just for the adrenaline rush. In the past, this has included touching a spider, doing presentations (in front of up to 100 people), talking to someone online, or extending my answer when in an awkward conversation. Scary but I love it.

-Cosy evening. My fave, though I don't do this enough. I recreate my bed into a sofa-type thing, get into my jammies/onesie, hot water bottles and blankets, hot chocolate and a bowl of snacks or sweets, and then I watch a DVD. Either Horrible Histories, Michael MacIntyre, or Harry Potter. Then I'm cosy and chilled enough to sleep (in theory). I want to do this now, but I'm not at home!! :(

-If all else fails. I probably won't be able to bring up the problem alone, so I force myself to by crying, then walking to the same room as my mum or nan. Then they ask me what is the matter, and I have a big vent, a cuddle, and before they can say anything I have either sorted the problem in my head, or no longer see it as a problem :)


I hope this helps and I may add more....:)

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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!


Support us By Shoping at Amazon


We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!