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After having gone through surgery and then chemotherapy, I felt pretty flat at the end of it all. It was November and my hair was just a little layer of soft fluff on my head. We in the chemo circles call this "bum fluiff" So I was still wearing a bandana or scarfe...I also occasionally went to the extent of wearing the wig..

So here I am feeling hot and bothered..the weather in Oz was warming up a treat and we were in for a right hot summer in 2011. I perservered with my head this way, trying not to scratch, but using lots and lots of sorbeline in an effort to stop the eternal itch from coming in. 

December came and went and with it Christmas. I was glad of being still alive, but..didn't like the hot flushes I was getting, courtesy of the chemo....

Then January began and I was determined to be more positive. But how? What could I do to prove that I was turning over a new leaf? How could I look after myself any better so I would ne happy and gay and not sulky and begin to think the world owed me a favour just because of my bad luck.

Well, I looked at my facebook page and then it hit me - I will post a positive thought every day from here on ie. And that is exactly what I did. Sometimes it was short and sweet, other times it was long and newsy, then other times it was positive and inspirational. Every day was a real challenge cos I didn't really feel positive, or inspirational or like talking. BUT I had promised this to myself and I hate to break my promises, much less my new years' resoluion. I kept it up for months and months..

Summer came and went, autumn, then winter. I started getting colds and flus and was struck to bed with these awful lurgies until it all passed. Two weeks at a time was not very niice. This was also the year I got to experience another cancer fear - bowel cancer. By the time that was over - from January to took them three goes to get it out and months to check it out and find out finally that it was BENIGN! I was elated. Flat, though elated!

I started to miss a day or two...I had people commenting on my page to ask if I was ok? Then I had oithers messaging me to ask the same. Still, others emailed. Where ever I went and people recognised me, they said "I read your facebook posts" I was amazed at how many people came to rely on reading my posts AND liking them too! From me, I was just another poster..talking about my life on a daily basis. Sometimes my dogs, sometimes my partner, other times, my tirals and tribulations or how I felt. Though I always tried to be positive.

So I started to realise just how many people relied on me. It was great to have such a following. I still try to on a weekly basis to put something positive in. However I have hit a slump in my path right now, so I must rely on reading other's posts.
I hope that you all have a really great day and that you also have a really terrific week.

Bright blessings

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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!


Support us By Shoping at Amazon


We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!