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Too much stress

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I refuse to smoke, I dont like to drink and it feels as though there is no one here to help me. I live in a world that feels sheltered beyond belief, consisting of being stresed and having anxiety. My family doesn't have the slightlest clue as to what im dealing with and its so hard doing this alone. I have ADHD, anxiety, and an eating disorder. Also as a child I was diagnosed with learned disabilities in math and reading and could only get past the reading. Now im 17 years old and I still deal with all of this on my plate on a daily baises. I quit my job at a high end resteraunt to work at mcdonalds because I thought id like it more but now i have no desire to work there anymore because i hate it and ive gained 15 pounds since working there because we are given 30 min breaks and because of the hrs i work i cant bring my own food. Im done with it though.. Im really considering starving myself again because i dont want to be fat. I cant be fat. Im already fat and now getting fatter is killling me. I dont even want to look in a mirror anymore. Im failing my math class which isn't helping anything because i cant graduate early if that happens and i just dont know what to do with myself. this blog isnt' over but i have to go to work now. 


-sincerly ready to give up 

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  • Comment Link April Teeter Saturday, 30 November 2013 19:22 posted by April Teeter

    What do you mean by there is no one here to help you? Do you mean therapists? Or members? The therapist program is still rather new so I understand that part. Unfortunately they're not as readily available as we could hope. However, there's still quite a bit of members who are active. If you ever do want to talk, feel free to message me. I've gone through and continue to go through some things that others don't understand. I might not know everything about your particular situation, but I do understand that aspect of others not understanding and I'm always willing to listen.
    Have you thought of trying for another job or going back to your old one? Maybe that could help you feel happier and get you away from that type of food.
    I'm not sure what you look like, but I'm sure you're not fat and that you're actually rather beautiful. I'm a size 16 and while I know girls that scoff at being even a size 8, I love my size. I just try to make sure to work out once a day and eat relatively helps me. It makes me feel a lot better.
    Like I said, if you ever want to talk... About anything at all... Feel free to message me. I won't ever judge you. It's not my job too. :) Hope you feel better.

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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!


Support us By Shoping at Amazon


We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!