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Social Anxiety curse or blessing in disguise?

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Social anxiety has many symptoms ,most of them are mentioned here

i am sufferrring from social anxiety and i am 28 years old. it seems this problem has been with me since childhood.

Due to this problem i feared going to college campus recruitment process, other social activities.i always felt isolated in social situations.worked for 3+ years in one company and had to leave that job due to mainly this problem and i could not cope with surrounding people in my job.Then it was about 2 years i did not worked in any company and was jobless for about 1.5 years and all those days of that time i spent mostly at home(alone).

During last 6 years i tried many solutions for getting rid of this destruction like

1) , which is making many people life better but did not worked for me.

2)Worked with psychologist and taken many kinds of medications.(but did not worked,  infact i started to feel headache after stopping those medications)

3)Followed 12 steps mentioned in

4)Read book( and followed solutions mentioned in it

5)Did some yoga not for many days (helpful but not able to solve this problem)

6)Also started spiritual healing and studied about god( it seems to be best solution , felt very good and satisfied with life but have to say this anxiety has not left me)

Above mentioned solutions worked to some extend but anxiety always come in social situations and that pain or panic has not left me.

But after this i tried and also worked in company for last six months but did not felt comfortable and has taken leave from that job.

But yesterday one thought comes to my mind that it is very difficult or almost impossible to get rid of this anxiety but also another thought came that i found very helpful ,life saving and peace making.

In that thought basically one word is enough to cope with this anixiety and that word is "ACCEPT".

In brief accept means accept any kind of situation

because one needs to thing less about panic and has to accept the truth

because if one is missing or not capable of doing certain things then he has to accept with respect to those things he can't do.

For example man with broken arm just can't do things which other man can do.For sake of his  happiness he needs to relax and  ACCEPT that reality and then he can think of doing other important things and be happy that should be a bigger picture to look forward to.

it think it will really help if you can visualize above example whenever anxiety panic occurs.

i want to say more about this magic word but for now this is it.

Another important thing is that i started to think Social Anxiety as blessings rather then curse/pain.There are many reasons for it like

1)we social anxious people are better judging any danger and avoid dangerous situations that can realy harm.

2)we are thinking perfect whether in our work or any other situation, this is very good if can just relax and happy of what ever thing we are doing in out lives.

3)we should know that most of nerds are also social anixies to some extent so we have some quality that is making our different in what ever things we do in life.

4)I can say that we realy are bright minds.
6)Things are getting better for us as most of work is becoming online and easier to do.

7)At last we need to realize that there is some thing different in us, we just needs to be positve and realize our full potential.

So, i am realy exited about Social Anxiety and god will always help because we have not done any thing wrong in life.

At last , we just need to relax and let go(let god take care of this) about this temporary panic moment.

And i am really happy that i am not alone , there is huge number of people which are social anxious.


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  • Comment Link Shoshana Tillman Tuesday, 16 July 2019 07:08 posted by Shoshana Tillman

    Anxiety is the natural thing happen in the body and basically done with the regarding thing of daily activity. The question here is that provided in the link has by which the thing proves that anxiety is blessing or curse in any sense.

  • Comment Link TerrenceMcNulty Tuesday, 23 December 2014 14:53 posted by TerrenceMcNulty

    Hi Varun87. I liked your post, and especially the part about "We have not done any thing wrong". It is no good blaming yourself for anxiety. I recall once I was sitting in a classroom, the kind where the seats are arranged like a stadium that rises up behind you, and I was in the front row near the floor. As the teacher spoke, my breathing became a struggle, and soon I thought I would run from the classroom screaming. I had done nothing wrong, but I was awash in anxiety and panicking.

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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!


Support us By Shoping at Amazon


We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!