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Social anxiety and history behind it for me.

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So hi guys... first i want to say sorry for my bad english.
Lets bring it back when i was kid. i was always told i am shy and my parents told me that thats normal and its not a bad thing its great thing. so i told my self ok but ill try to change.
then school happend and in Croatia we have primary school and it was hell from me... i was shy and my ''teammates'' from class... hmm... i was beaten a lot and so from 5th grade to 7th grade they broke my legs and arms cuple times like i told u it was hell for me and then i went deep i was alone... alone... with my brain... then i decide to tell my mother ether u transfer me in other school or i will fall one class and it was in 7th grade that means in Cratia if i fall i will need to do extra year... again in 7th grade... my mom regrets now that she didnt transfer me and i was feeling better when i fall that class... i know i am not dumb and every1 was suprised that i did that and t was wierd i was good student but i was afraid to speak and i had good grades then 1 year i fall... but next 2 years was good 7th and 8th grade was perfect i meet a lot of good friends and by a lot i mean 2-3 but to me thats a lot... then high school came... and in high school... it was better but not that better... i didnt get beat up but i found this girl and we were together for 7 months and she understanded me then she left me and told me she was cheating on me... that sucks and then worst thing happend... my family didnt have much money i was poor and then my dad took his gun from war and shoot him self 5 m in front of me and my mom... and guys it was aaaaaaaaaaaaa worst thing ever but i had to stay cool and strong for my mother and sister and older brother... so i never cried... well didnt cry iin front of them and i know thats not a good thing to hide it but understand me i needed to be strong one... but i lived trough that and feel deeper and deeper... then i started to be in fear of people... there was period when i was thinking ppls will kill me and every1 hates me... it was bad rly bad... than i meet one good friend of mine and he was a dj and music producer he teach me everything and today i still work on music... and if anyone is intrested great way to express ur feelings trough music :D... so like i said i started with music and then gigs came... it was awesome all these ppls looking at me as a god for 1 hour...feelings is awesome but then i started usinng drugs... it went from awesome to not even good... and i will tell this to every1 soome weed it will relax u... but pls dont use speed or all that shit... i went so deep i was locked in my room for cuple months its that bad... 4 walls... 24 hours a day... dnt do cocain and that shit... trust me its bad... and now we come to this day... today.. i meet a girl and we were tgether for 1 year and we broke up 2 days ago and i am back in this shity state of saddnes and scared to come out of my room... but i told my selff ill i will go back in music ill dj again but i will set rules and when i set them i wont brake them... so what i am trying to say i still have a big emotional problem and HUGE social problem but i am trying to fix it and u should never stop trying and if there is some1 who want to talk let me know pls... if u want to try doing music for a theraphy let me know.. i know that helped me to express feeling to every1.

Thanks for reading and hope to get contacted so we can talk :D

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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!


Support us By Shoping at Amazon


We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!