Sunday, 21 September 2014 20:08

My Emotions

I sometimes feel as though I cannot breathe. I have had two anxiety attacks in the past year, the only ones I have ever had. But when I get anxiety, my heart beats fast. I begin to flush, and avoid eye contact with anyone near me. I fidget and get sweaty. But more than the physicals, I am so deeply terrified of whatever is giving me this anxiety that I can barely even act rationally. Simply biking though my neighborhood is a stressful experience. I wonder if the people outside are judging me, and whenever a car goes by, my throat closes up. I do anything to avoid crossing the street while a car is waiting. Talking on the phone is terrifying to me, as well as interacting with little children when their parents are present. 

I cannot explain any of this to you, or why it happens. But it makes me feel very alone. I've never met someone with G.A.D. before, or talked to someone with it. I have considered going to a group therapy for anxiety as well as psychotherapy but none are around me that I can find. If you suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, or any anxiety disorder at all, you can talk to me. I'd be very grateful. And that really goes for anyone struggling. I've also suffered from major depression and so I have insight and experience into that, although I'm not in any way a doctor or psychologist, I can give my advice. 

Anyway, I wish you luck in your recovery, and if you want you can talk to me. 

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Monday, 10 June 2013 04:02

Anxiety return?


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Monday, 18 February 2013 08:38

The best interview I ever hade

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