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Future Plans for AnxietySocialNety (ASN)


When AnxietySocialNet (ASN) made its debut, one of its primary objectives was to provide support to the individuals whose lives were clouded by their silent struggles against anxiety related disorders.  Almost a year since its launch, this aim has been met, and ASN continues to build up strength with each new member and contribution from the community.


Within ASN, members have been discussing their fears, symptoms and experiences, and it's been reassuring when the advice and exchanges have proven helpful.  Whereas in the past, sufferers felt alone, they now realize there are many out there in the same boat, who are willing to reach out with support and encouragement. 


To continue on the path of providing support to our members, we are working on launching a new dimension to ASN, the Therapist Program.   


What are the goals of “Therapist Program”?


Since the start, ASN has leaned towards creating an environment of peer-to-peer support. It is our core belief that personal stories and shared experiences can provide an important level of moral support. Yet, we also understand that this approach may not work for everyone, and in many cases, it is important to seek outside expert help. Just as there is no substitute for peer-to-peer support, there is also no substitute for trained and professional therapy. 


Depression and anxiety manifest themselves in different ways, and symptoms may be dissimilar, even from person to person.  The roots of an individual's problems are sometimes deep seeded, and a non-specialist may not always be able to provide the necessary depth of understanding or support. 


The "Therapist Program" will be a great tool for those looking for therapy within ASN. It will provide ASN users with the possibility of choosing a therapist in a much more social way.


We hope that by additionally launching the “Therapist Program” ASN can expand our support and value to our community members. We believe the program will deepen the effectiveness of ASN in providing a range of helpful advice and help show us alternative pathways to recovery.


What changes can you expect with the launch of “Therapist Program”?


Current and future members will continue to enjoy membership at no charge.  Professional Therapists, however, will be able to register under the ASN Therapist Program, paying a monthly fee which covers their participation as Therapists, as well as being able to get referrals on the ASN network.


While the listed therapists are free to respond to members in the Q & A section, they will be unable to view the other interactions or diaries of members. Members may choose to get in touch with the therapists and interact with them on ASN and offline as well.


What if you are not interested in therapy?


Well, that’s all right!  While our aim is to ensure that this feature is available for those seeking therapy, the section will be featured in a discreet way.  The Therapists will have their own wall, so their interaction will not appear in the regular newsfeed. Those looking for a therapist will be able to click on the “Therapist Wall” and choose to get in touch and interact with them.


Can I be contacted directly by a therapist?


None of our listed professional therapist will be permitted to view the personal details of members, nor will they be able to send them personal messages. They will be able to interact with regular users only if that user adds them as a friend first.


How would our Therapist Program differ from a regular therapist directory?


ASN is creating the first integrated social network for patients and therapists, and this is the principal difference. Their profiles will appear as a listing, with their details, as well as their stance and qualifications, experience, location etc.  One of the unique features will be that the therapist profiles will have the option of “ASN likes” so therapists can be judged by the community.


By being able to see the therapist's blogs, status updates and interactions, members will be able to make more informed decisions on who would be the best therapist for them. This would be a step beyond merely consulting a therapist with no prior information about them.


Are the therapists' credentials verified by ASN?


Yes, we will manually verify every therapist. Many directories claim that their therapists are verified but after a closer look at their Terms of Service they deny every responsibility. It would be difficult to know if a therapist has, at any time, had his license revoked. We will verify this detail upon signing them up, however we cannot guarantee their continued credentials.  The listed therapists will not be featured as verified, and it rests with the patients themselves to check the veracity of therapist credentials.


When will the changes go live?


This program is still under development, with plans to go live with the Therapist Program within the next 6 months, around November 2012.



Still have questions? Contact us.


If you have any further questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your input with be greatly valued.


Salomon Ptasevich, ASN Founder

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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!


Support us By Shoping at Amazon


We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!