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Friday, 25 July 2014 14:38

an update

So It's been a year since I was last here...My Anxiety has decreased after going on a paleo diet and the Dr telling me to take vitamin D3  it was actually the other way around I had low vitamin D and the Dr told me I needed to get it up which really helped with my anxiety.  I had been trying all kinds of diets for both health and weight loss. 

I started a health journey over 2 years ago and went from herbalife shakes to vegetarian with meat once a week to a 21 day juice fast then all vegetarian then all vegan and now Paleo.  I had trouble with loose bowel motions a lot and was going like 4 times a day...I would get anxious about going out in case I needed to go and couldnt get to the bathroom in time....yes it happened once when I was in Thailand :( Any way once I went paleo my bowels have gone back to normal unless I eat to much veg so thats a win.  Also my anxiety decreased even more after a few weeks on paleo.

if you are wondering what paleo is it is basicly Fat (grass fed butter, coconut oil, olive oils, lard and ghee mainly no bad oils like canola), grass fed meats if you can get them or afford them but any meat is ok if not, and vegetables but low sugar and low starch types.  strictly no gluten which is huge for a lot of people.  anyway if you want to try paleo mark sissons site is a great place to get answers on paleo.

besides being much better though not completely healed I have made a couple friends at the church we started going to about a year and a half or so ago and so have been going to their place for a cuppa I even had one of them over with their husband for dinner.

I still havnt really worked out what this site is really all about besides anxiety of course and I have no idea really what to do here besides blog LOL

Friday, 21 June 2013 04:37

going away

So today we are driving 6 hours to the nearest Capital city...I have already had some mild anxiety so I threw on some Christian music and started singing to keep my mind off things.

I have been stressing that I will have an anxiety attack tomorrow at my friends wedding or reception.  I have been stressing because today is my Husbands last day of work and he has nothing yet even after putting in about 20 resumes.

I have been stressing about his interview (the one and only) and as much as I am excited about going to Pink concert it also brings with it the thoughts of what if I don't get to the bathroom in time etc.

so yes I have had lots of thoughts plus I havnt been feeling well as my daughter had a bug which made her vomit 2 nights ago.  ugh...I hate how anxiety tries to control my life...I will beat this...I am not going to give into anxiety.  I can't cope having this the rest of my life it's go to go.

Thursday, 20 June 2013 13:38

deciding to try this site

well I happened across this site due to a small panic attack tonight... My husband becomes redundant tomorrow and his boss is up for the last 2 days to sort everything out.  He took us to dinner tonight and the resteraunt was over heated.  I had to go to the bathroom to cool off...after coming back and sitting down again I suddenly felt the familiar cold tingling type sensation in my back and going up to my head.  I left again.  I think what brought it on was my husband does not have a job to go to yet and after about 20 applications for jobs has 1 interview next week...of course I am stressing about it :(  I have been trying to not think about it and have been playing games etc to avoid it.

anyway I have a wedding to go to in 2 days and am worrying now I may have an attack there :(  so was looking up online trying to find something I could do to help.  I came upon the Triad method and wasnt about to pay $80 when hubby has just been made redundant so did a search to see if anyone has written anything about it...I came upon an article by anxiety social net so looked them up and here I am.

I did just find a post about having an elastic band on your wrist and pulling it back and letting it snap back on your wrist to take your thoughts off anxiety and shift it to pain...I will try that...the dr told me not to go on meds.

I didnt have a lot of panic attacks before a holiday where I got diareaha and was at a huge show and didnt quite get to the bathroom in time so had to try and wash my pants in the toilet bowl and the whole womens toilets stunk to high heaven... they called the cleaner and she sprayed stuff to try and get rid of the smell which didnt work and another lady tried to find me a sarong but because I am larger she couldnt find one to fit...I was so embaressed...since then I have had attacks randomly.  Before then I was OCD a little about some things not everything and did stress about things but rarely so much to make myself have to go to the bathroom.

I really hate it...I think I hate the icey feeling that comes when it starts the most it's like some ice Eagle has swooped and clawed me in the lower back and raked it's talons up my back to my head.

anyway hi whoever reads this...I want to not have to go through this forever so am on a quest to get better

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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!


Support us By Shoping at Amazon


We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!