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Thursday, 26 January 2012
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 Anxiety Support Group Canada

This group is meant to be helpful for those living in Canada and maybe create some Real ONE on ONE encounters between the people on the site, as much as we love to have you here we realty hope the site helps to create real relationships between people. Join anxiety Canada online support group today!











  • Back ache all day... huh
    groups.wall 193 days ago
    lexieannlak ouch193 days ago
  • Nova scotia here, I have ptsd along with panic attacks and anxiety brought on by being hit by a drunk driver, I am currentl starting paxcil 10mg for 1 week and then upping it to 20mg for the second week and then on, I also take adivan .5mg
    groups.wall 299 days ago
    Ativan helps to take the edge off when you are going through the anxiety. It acts fairly quickly. Only take it when you need it though. Don't use it to manage your general anxiety as it can be a crutch. Try and distract your self with relaxing music, a bath, a funny movie or tv show. Good Luck!298 days ago
  • From the Vancouver area. Have generalized anxiety and depression. Digestive/stomach issues brought on by my condition...
    groups.wall 334 days ago
    lexieannlak Also from Vancouver area! Stomach problems are my most annoying and prevalent anxiety symptom. I am taking citalopram as well.241 days ago
  • Hi, I'm from the Ottawa area.
    groups.wall 503 days ago
    Herewithyou Welcome to ASN its great to have you here.503 days ago
  • welcome from Halifax I have GAD on and off for 10 years. no fun
    groups.wall 526 days ago
  • Hi everyone :) I'm from Ottawa.
    groups.wall 529 days ago
    RoyalPain Nice to meet you guys :)528 days ago
  • Hey there from the Oshawa area :)
    groups.wall 553 days ago
  • Hi, From Milton, ON
    groups.wall 587 days ago
  • From Little Ole Prince Edward Island.
    groups.wall 590 days ago
  • Hey i'm from the Hamilton Ontario area.
    groups.wall 594 days ago
  • Hey Guys! Just Joined the Site today,I am in Northern Alberta :)
    groups.wall 668 days ago
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i decided to get help im on 150mg of zoloft now for about 5 months today i woke up and had dialated pupils , racing heart beat and when i look at something the object seemed to move like how a water bed moves when its layed on it was really weird. anyone know what that could be. also i took some antibiotics for a swollen lymphnode on... [read more]
Last replied by notebombs on Sunday, 20 October 2013

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