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This group is meant to be helpful for those living in Canada and maybe create some Real ONE on ONE encounters between the people on the site, as much as we love to have you here we realty hope the site helps to create real relationships between people. Join anxiety Canada online support group today!











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  • RoyalPain
    Come on in, & tell us how you're feeling.
    i decided to get help im on 150mg of zoloft now for about 5 months today i woke up and had dialated pupils , racing heart beat and when i look at something the object seemed to move like how a water bed moves when its layed on it was really weird. anyone know what that could be. also i took some antibiotics for a swollen lymphnode on my leg 2 weeks ago could that have caused my body to break down my zoloft too fast ? are these withdrawls ?
    Last replied by notebombs on Sunday, 20 October 2013


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