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Saturday, 11 February 2012
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Anxiety Support Group Australia

Looking for anxiety sufferers in Australia?  Here you can find other people from australia that knows what you are going throw.


  • New to this site looking for people in perth or bendigo Vic.
    Surely it has to be easier meeting other sufferers??
    If any one out there thinks the same get in contact would like to hear from anyone !
    groups.wall 379 days ago
  • If you live in Adelaide, Centacare are starting a free anxiety support group on the 12th of March - Hutt street in the city.
    groups.wall 412 days ago
  • hi all im new to this group. hope to meet some nice people along the way. hope everyone is doing well :)
    groups.wall 535 days ago
  • watching my way through smallville seasons 1 through 10
    groups.wall 729 days ago
  • Bob
    Again i ask...where are the Aussies???? Where the Bloody hell are ya??? :)
    groups.wall 746 days ago
    Bob No need to be sorry Missy, i appreciate your advice. I'm just a bit disappointed that the Anxiety Australia group was started but no Aussies seem to be using included. Hope you well today. :)745 days ago
  • Bob
    So, where are all the Aussies in this group?? Can we get more Aussies to join? Does anyone have any discussions they would like to start? Any news they would like to share? Really looking for some input. Can anyone assist? :)
    groups.wall 794 days ago
    Bob good stuff Jan :) little by little, thats the way to do it.794 days ago
  • Hi jan where are u from?? welcome..lets hope we get some AUssies in here. .Im from Adelaide
    groups.wall 798 days ago
    Jan I also have agrophobia and panic attacks. I am slowly getting better with the agoraphobia. I am really looking forward to the day when I can just walk into a shop like a normal person :)794 days ago


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Carmen Majcen
What ends up happening to me is I wake up in the middle of the night and I'm so pissed or sad because I'm awake yet again. It doesn't help but it's my first instinct...anger or crying, haha. I see my doc on Monday, I'm going to ask him what he thinks. I hope he doesn't recommend sleep meds...but if he does,... [read more]
Last replied by sheabird on Thursday, 29 March 2012

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