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Hi There I'm a fully insured and qualified Hypnotherapist, registered with the GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register) and the CNHC (Complimentary Natural Healthcare Council, number 000021-C12), meaning i adhere to very strict client codes of ethics and confidentiality. I was taught by world renowned Hypnotherapist Adam Eason ( site Breakthrough The Fear has been getting rave reviews, and the recently launched mobile app, has been downloaded by just over 662 worldwide. I work only with those people with Anxiety, and Fear/Phobia issues, and my site has loads of free and useful blogs for you to educate yourself and help yourself. Drop by at and tell me your thoughts:) Thank you Shaan

It all started out like any other day. The sun was hot and the day began to get into full swing. Since it was a nice day I thought it would be nice to go for a walk with my folks along Brighton sea-front here in the UK. The walk started of peacefully and we made good progress, as the cool wind blew in our faces keeping us cool and refreshed. When we got to the pier, we decided we would push along and walk another 2 miles to the marina and stop and have a much needed rest and lunch. As I walked passed the pier, I saw the road running alongside the pier was closed. I thought great I can have a nice quiet walk along here, without those insane motorbikers breaking the calmness. As I kept walking I saw my worst nightmare, lots of old loud sports cars. It was some kind of sports car get together. Definitely not my thing. I decided to relax, and you can imagine my walking pace quickened quite considerably. I wasn't hanging around, sorry mum and dad, but when you have had a life long phobia of loud noise, you don't hang around admiring the view. I was just focused on getting as much distance between me and these crazy sports car drivers. Luckily they were all to consumed with admiring each others vehicles, and not starting them up. I knew I had to be quick through here, and put some ground in before one of them started to show of their engines, and rev those noisy cars.

Through out the whole process I thought 'Wow, this is a great test for me'. I'm a hypnotherapist and I should be able to handle myself and my fear. I decided to focus on my breathing, and just continued to breathe deeply, and walk fast through what was my worst nightmare. I surprised myself, in that although anxious, I was still in control, and much more relaxed than what I'd imagined. I actually wasn't bothered at that time, what was going on. I found by focusing on my breathing I could relax myself enough to think clearly, and act accordingly. Well you'll be glad to know I finally made it to the marina, and yes, lunch was good.

On the return, I noticed that to my horror, the sports cars were still there. This time they were all beginning to leave, and that meant some of them were revving their engines making alot of noise. As i approached, my anxiety increased even more, and whilst walking a car made backfiring sounds from his exhaust. Well that was all i needed to get the hell out of there. I subtly as I could put my fingers in my ears and walked faster than a freight train. It was quick, almost like Hussain Bolt type quick:) Although a few people gave me funny looks, I really didn't care about that. The sounds of cars making a huge amount of loud noise is not my idea of a relaxing and quiet day out. I managed to again focus on my breathing, and again I noticed how much more relaxed I felt. I felt calm and in control, whereas before I would've panicked and run through people just to get away.

So what did I learn from this event??

I learnt that it is okay to have and even admit to having a phobia of something. What is key is learning how to relax in the moment, and how it is possible with practice to take appropriate action just by focusing on your breathing and just saying to yourself 'everything is ok'. I find it amazing that something as simple as breathing deeply made such a profound affect on me and helped me better manage the situation. Hope you enjoyed my experience, and catch you soon:)

Thursday, 21 February 2013 21:54

Overcoming Anxiety The Lester Way

For those that aren't to familar with my background I thought I would take the chance to share with you a little story about myself. I do this in the hope that it will empower you and show you that no matter how bad your anxiety or fear is, there is a way out. In my early years both at school and through to university I was badly bullied. At the time it was a very unpleasant experience, and no doubt played a very big role in my social anxiety. I used to dread that people were always making fun of me, or was anxious about what their opinions were of me. Over time this anxiety grew stronger, and lead to me being depressed and frustrated with life. I did the good old counsellor thing and saw people who were supposed to offer help and suport. I often found that I left those sessions more distraught than when I entered. I desperately sought answers as to why I was always feeling depressed and anxious. For many years I couldn't find any answers. I remember that everytime I walked outside and particularly if I saw other teenager groups walking along, I felt scared that I somehow would be attacked or worse. Of course I now know that these thoughts were just my mind going out of control, and these beliefs were totally unfounded.

At 20 years old I decided that none of the counsellors really understood me or could help me. I was often brushed aside, and made to feel that I was the problem. It still to this day never ceases to amaze me how many therapists don't treat their clients with respect or understand what they are going through. I found most of  my therapists did pretty much nothing. So I decided I would find out and take charge of my life myself. So after many years of searching and reading all sorts of books on how the mind worked, learning about NLP, Hypnotherapy, I-Ging and many other eastern style teachings I found I was still not really getting where I wanted to be. I desperately wanted to know what my purpose on earth was. Why was I feeling anxious and how could I overcome it??

Well one day the answer came. I was on Micheal Neil's site supercoach and looking through one of his programmes in the link section of his site. I came across this technique called the release technique, orriginally taught by a guy called Lester Levenson. After getting Micheal's advice I bought the book  and read it. Suddenly everything fell into place. Several months later of really applying myself I found I finally overcame my anxiety and fears to such a point that I finally felt I was in charge of my life instead of my life being in charge of me. I never slumped into depression again, and over the coming years decided to rigoursly test out the prinicples in the book. It really worked.

However, I wanted to cut your learning time, and give you a link to a video and let Lester do the talking. If you really listen to this video with your heart and soul, this video will change your life forever and you will discover new things about yourself. Now don't get me wrong, information is useless without taking action and applying yourself, It will take a concerted effort, but if you take control then you too can be anxiety free, and finally enjoy a life of peace and finally be the master of your life. The question is, Are you ready to change? Will you apply yourself and do whatever it takes to get your goal? I really recommend just watching and listening to Lester and let your own intuition guide you. You are your own best teacher and guide. Thank you and enjoy the video, it's just under 10mins. I've watched this video a few times myself and everytime I watch it I learn something knew about myself.


Welcome back to this very special 4 part series on Emetophobia. I really hope you are finding this valuable and useful. If you have any questions or would like me to go over something, then just contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I’ll take it from there.

During my research on this post and countless hours looking through forum posts, something really stood out for me about what people thought worked really well for Emetophobia, and that was Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. The only downside was CBT is very expensive and people were crying out for information on how they could use this technique to better help them.

The good news is you don’t have to pay anything because I’m going to give you a snapshot of CBT as it relates to hypnosis, yippee!!!


So let’s get the background out the way. CBT works on both parts of the belief, a bit like we did last session, but with a big difference. We basically encourage ourselves to bring up those negative beliefs and play them in our head, and just erase them from there, using a secret technique that CBT doesn’t use. Then I’m going to take you though the positive belief, and really get you fired up and ready to being free from your Emetophobia. Sound good??

Step 1: The first thing we need to do, is get a sheet of paper. On the sheet of paper what I want you to do is write down your negative beliefs about Emetophobia. Get it all out here, and just allow yourself to flow along. We’re not into going deep into the whole reason why you have it, how it happened etc. Just relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy this exciting process..

Step 2: Now when you have really got all those negative beliefs out and written down on your sheet of paper, write the opposite of all those beliefs. The super clever thing about this, is we are actually re-wiring your mind to accept a better quality belief. Just go through each negative belief you have and then, write the positive version of that belief e.g. ‘I’m always freaking out when people are sick’ the positive version would be something like ‘I am okay if people are sick and I feel calm in how  I deal with the situation’ The key thing is make the positive belief strong, and make sure you pause and feel as if this was really happening. You should feel lighter and relaxed.

Step 3: Notice if any energy got stirred up in this process. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being the least agitated and 10 being the most agitated where abouts are you? Wherever you are, just notice this energy just leaving, imagine a door opening and just imagine seeing this energy just leaving. As it leaves just say yes to it. Everytime you say yes, it gives permission for that energy to leave. Just notice how much lighter you feel after doing that.

Step 4: Focus on the positive belief you have about being free from Emetophobia. Really see it and feel as if you were completely free from Emetophobia, what would you do? How would you feel? What would you think to yourself? How would you view your old outdated issue of Emetophobia? Just keep repeating those positive beliefs to yourself, and just imagine being a 100% free from your Emetophobia. See it as really happening right now in this moment. Lester Levenson, a great american master once said ‘Never see things coming in the future, see it and taste it as yours now’ On a scale of 1-10, 1 not being free from Emetophobia and 10 being completely free, where are you? Wherever you are, just relax, take a deep breath in and allow any feelings to just be there and leave. Keep repeating this process until you feel the difference. You should feel calm, quiet, and have a sense of enjoying that new freedom. We’re not after you being pumped up and ready to take on the world. If you feel like that, just allow those feelings to pass and say yes to that experience. Continue until you feel light and calm.


Step 5: Now just bring up the negative picture. This is simply a case of playing those negative beliefs in your head, and as you do that I want you to imagine just saying yes to this whole experience, and letting go of any thoughts you have. Just make that decision to just let go. You don’t need to get involved in the whole story and drama, that doesn’t help you at all. Just see these thoughts and beliefs as old broken records playing. Allow the pictures to just be there, allow the sounds to be there, all the while just saying yes to this experience. That’s right!! Now on a scale of 1-10, 1 not being free from Emetophobia and 10 being free from Emetophobia whereabouts are you. Wherever you are continue to just relax, breathe deeply, and allow any thoughts or feelings to just pass through, just say yes, open up an imaginary door and let that energy leave. Make that decision to just feel okay with what is going on.

Step 6: Now just imagine a blank screen passing over the picture and just focus on the positive part of the belief. Repeat those positive beliefs you have about being Free from this issue, See what you do, where you go, how you view your old issue. Really take the time to let yourself enjoy this process. Remember you are always in control, just decide to  enjoy feeling free right now. Sit how you would sit, talk like you would talk. Act the part. You may notice yourself feeling lighter and more confident than before. Just continue to take your time here and really enjoy this process.

Step 7: Before leaving this process, count from 1-5. On 5 you emerge relaxed and confident, and allow all those positve changes to take place at a speed and rate that is right for you. You can allow the belief that you are free from your fear, to sink deep into your neurology, and from this day forth enjoy how it feels to be healthy, relaxed about your health, and how easy it is to just let your unconscious mind take care of everything for you.

Well, that was certainly a long post, phew!! I really try very hard to give you the best value I can, and to not hold anything back. Relax through this process, and enjoy it. Therapy is fun. Thank you for reading, and if you want me to record this as an mp3 track then let me know. Take care for now, and stay tuned for our final post on Emetophobia next week.

Welcome to part 2 of this unique blog series about tackling Emetophobia. One of the things that seems to be quite common with people suffering anxieties is they seem to have alot of mental turmoil about what is going on. It can seem you just don’t know what to do, do I do this, do I do that. So I guess it’s not surprising you can find yourself getting overwhelmed by it all. Being overwhelmed seems to stem from the fact that parts of you are pulling you in different directions. It’s like being on a crossroads, and part of you says turn left, and the other part says turn right.

So let’s look at something we can do to reduce this mental agitation we experience.

Before we do this process let’s just explain a little bit about how this works. The process is called Parts Therapy, and as the name suggests, it looks at the part of you that is holding onto your fear of being sick, and the other part of you that wants to be free from your fear of being sick. The part of you that holds onto your fear of being sick is known as the ‘Original Part’, and this part has a positive reason why it is holding onto the fear. The part of you that wants to be free from your fear of being sick is called the ‘Positive Part’.  Great now we have set the basics down, let’s get stuck in...

Step 1: Take a few deep breaths and just get yourself into a relaxed state of hypnosis. Quickest way to do that is focus on taking some really strong deep breaths in and out. This is yoga style breathing, and by breathing deeply in expanding your whole chest, and then exhaling bringing your stomach inwards is a very good style of breathing to get used to.

Step 2: Think about the problem you have, in this case your fear of being sick. Notice how there is some agitation around the issue, part of you wants to hold onto this thought or issue, and the other part wants to be free from this issue. Just acknowledge that now..

Step 3: Silently ask the ‘Original Part’ of your belief ‘What are you trying to do to help me?’ Just keep asking that question and notice if an answer gets stirred up. Don’t force it, or agitate yourself here, we are just exploring what this belief is doing to help us. Ask the belief ‘What are you trying to do to help me??’ Just notice any response you get. That’s it..

Step 4: When you think you have some kind of answer, ask the ‘Positive Part’ that part of the belief that wants to move forwards, 3 things it could do to help solve the concern that the ‘Original Part’ came up with.  Again, don’t get agitated by it, just have some fun and enjoy this journey of exploration.

Step 5: Check that the ‘Original Part’ is okay with the three things and that there is agreement there.

Step 6: When you are satisfied that the ‘Original Part’ is happy with the 3 new ways to solve the problem, then ask the ‘Original Part’ this question: ‘If you take on board these three new ways to solve this issue, will you leave me alone?’ See what comes up and just keep asking the same question until the ‘Original Part’ (That part that is holding onto the fear of being sick) is happy to leave you alone and let you move forward.

Well, that is the whole process. If you have any questions then please do get in contact with me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you for reading and I wish you a wonderful day wherever you are in the world.

Hey guys welcome to this special 4 part all about Emetophobia, the Fear of Being Sick. Now I should say from the outset that this condition affects people in many different ways, and this post can’t tackle this issue in the detail it really needs, that is far better done face to face with someone like myself who is a professional therapist. However through these 4 specific posts I thought I would give it my best shot and so feel free to post below and let me know your thoughts:)


Emetophobia causes the sufferer to feel paranoid about being sick in public, or even seeing someone be sick. This leads to sufferers taking excessive action and avoiding certain places, or not eating certain foods for fear that it might cause them to be sick. It also can cause various levels of anxiety depending on how bad the situation is. Some people might be fearful of getting ill, and the two conditions are very much interlinked in some ways. The fear of being ill and contracting some kind of illness can also cause that particular individual to take excessive action. Everytime winter comes they fear that they are going to get ill, or they have to continually check that they are okay and get re-assurance from those close to them or from Doctors.

Dr Larina Kase mentions that Emetophobia is the 6th biggest fear around. The fact remains there are many sufferers out there who find the concept of being sick or seeing someone be sick a terrifying experience. Often it seems that traditional methods of therapy don’t always benefit the client or yield the results they expected. So is there something we can do to help reduce this seemingly irrational fear?? Well, I passionately believe there is. I am a big fan of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and I firmly believe that for a fear to exist there must have been a series of events that occurred for it to be there in the first place. This fear of being sick in my opinion is a learned experience. You have learnt to react in this way, and to make things worse you have some kind of story or reasons why you have these feelings and thoughts.

Now this is encouraging in my opinion, if you learnt to react in some way, then surely you can unlearn can’t you?? It stands to reason doesn’t it?? So lets look at this first exercise you can do..

1) Take a sheet of paper and write down all the thoughts you have about being sick. Write down all your fears, all the reasons how it occurs when it occurs and just keep writing those beliefs you have. It might be you have to check that your okay the whole time, it might be that a certain place or situation terrifies you in that you believe it will make you feel sick. Just write it all out. When you do this process you are actually offloading all the mental agitation that is stored in your mind.

2) Now write the opposite positive belief next to that negative belief you have. For example lets say you wrote down: ‘If I’m sick people will think I’m disgusting’ so just write the opposite more positive belief such as ‘If I’m sick people will ask if I’m okay, and help me get better’. Just put a positive spin on it, and feel how it would feel if that new belief were real. This is a super clever way to re-wire your mind into accepting a better quality belief and thought process.

3) When you have done that, ask yourself this question: ‘What is the worst thing that can happen to me if I’m sick in public, or if I see someone being sick’. Whatever gets stirred up just write that down on a sheet of paper. After you have written this all down, just see if it really is that big of an issue. In the scheme of things, is this a life threatening condition you have. Chances are it probably isn’t, and if you're not sure, have you been to the doctors and consulted a professional on their thoughts about the condition you have. What did they say?? If they told you, you are okay and that you are physically fit, then there is nothing to worry about, right. I know alot of Emetophobia sufferers need that re-assurance from the doctor, but then they also don’t believe the doctor when they say everything is okay. Don’t worry about that yet, we’ll tackle that in part 2 of this series..


4) Now we have explored the negative part, let’s hop along to the positive part. That part of you that could be free from this belief. I’m willing to guess, that there has been a time in your life when you have been fit and well. Even people who are ill the whole time, have days when they are well don’t they?? So imagine, just for this moment if you were totally free from this condition. Think about and write down all the things you would do under the following headings.

*What would you feel like?

*What would you do?

*What new beliefs and thoughts would you have?

*What would you think about the condition you had? So on this question you're looking from a healthy mindset, and almost getting the notion that it was not really a big a deal as what you thought at the time. There have been times in your life when you have overcome big and seemingly impossible problems, and at the time it was big and scary, yet when you broke through those thoughts and feelings, it just didn’t seem to matter so much anymore. Pretty clever stuff hey!!

5) Now what I want you to do is get an intension for every day. intentions are like mini goals that we have. When we train our mind to think and act differently we are more likely to make change in our lives. However there is a catch to this. Our minds are protective mechanisms that want to protect us, and it will resist any change we do, so we must make a strong and determined decision to move forwards. I encourage you to really make that committment with yourself, don’t stop, don’t be intimidated by your thoughts. These are just beliefs you have stored in your mind, mistakenly believing that they are protecting you and serving you well, when in fact they are not. These thoughts haven’t harmed you in any way so far, so why would they harm you now, they can’t and they wont!!


7) An intension should be worded in a positive way. Something at first that is simple and easy to achieve. For example why not have an intension that every day you are going to feel happy in spite of what is happening. Now remember, you must be okay with that negative picture. Just ask yourself, ‘Could I be okay with me having this fear of being sick’ Why not. Who said you couldn’t be okay with it, and that is as easy as just watching those old beliefs play in your mind, and just watching those concerns just float away. This is a really fast way to get okay with your fear. Could I just be okay with what I feel and how I feel?? Could I be okay with all this fear I have?? Why not, life is a decision, what do you decide to do?? Whose thoughts are they?? Who do these beliefs belong too? They belong to you, don’t they..


In part 2 I’m going to show you a bran new process that I’ve not talked about before, and is something I use with my exclusive private clientele, want to know more, then tune in for the next blog post..

For useful resources to help you out see below, always make sure you do your own research and consult with a doctor before beginning any new form of treatment and especially if you have any doubts. Let me know what your thoughts are??

Useful Resources:

Oh and here's a cool video for you as well. I like this person's explanation of treating Emetophobia.

For my blog post and video on intentions click below on the word intentions:


This book below has been getting some very favourable reviews on Amazon UK, so it's worth checking out. I haven't read it myself, so if you do get it let us know your thoughts on it.

Anxiety And Phobia Workbook


Hey everyone

Hope you are all doing well:) Welcome to this latest blog post. This post is really inspired by 2 different reasons, 1 is that ASN is going to have a therapy programme which is very exciting indeed, and the other was inspired by a recent client session I did. In this post i'm going to share with you my personal opinion of how you can use hypnotherapy to help you, and what this strange thing called hypnosis really is all about.

A Little History:

Hypnosis goes back to the days of biblical times according to general consensus. My favourite story about hypnosis was in Greece.The greek god for sleep was called Hypnos, and back in ancient greece it was said that when people were really ill they went to special temples where the god of sleep would visit them and relieve them of their condition. They used to use suggestion, and prayer, but also music as well. 

Fast forward to 1734 and the father of hypnosis, Mesmer hits the scene. What I like about Mesmer was his belief that the moon and planets had a profound affect on how we felt. If we felt ill it was because we were out of alignment. You can see the link here with things like universal energy and being at one with the universe. Alot of the more spiritual elements of self help really stemmed from this period. The next key guy, and i'm missing quite a few people out is Paul Mckenna. Mckenna really was the guy who popularised hypnosis and made street hypnosis mystical and cool. Those hypnotherapists who are client led, believe that although it helped hypnotherapy get exposure it also affected how people viewed hypnotherapy. This is why lots of people view hypnotherapy as strange and weird, and almost as complete nonsense to a certain extent. The thing is the term hypnosis is usually given to street hypnotists who do all the crazy magic stuff and getting people to do crazy things like run around like headless chickens, lol. Hypnotherapy is where we help people and genuinely want to help them overcome their issues whatever they may be.

Can hypnotherapy make me do things i dont want to do?

The truth is it can't. You really can't do anything unless you really accept that it is okay for you to do that action. For example if a hypnotist said he wanted you to dance round the stage with nothing on, and you were a shy person, then guess what you wouldn't do it.

Can hypnotherapy help me with my issue?

To answer this question i'm going to give an example of someone i worked with. This person had various different things going on from severe depression, to anxiety etc. Perhaps the other interesting thing was their De-personalisation disorder. Now the thing is, when i asked this client what they wanted to achieve in the sessions, they had no idea. When i asked the client about their goals for the session, they had no idea. I then decided we would tackle the beliefs about their condition, but the client didn't want to do that as it upset her. By session three i was almost banging my head against a brick wall, as this client was totally unresponsive and wasn't willing to really change their life. Everybody says they want to change and wants to get better, but the truth is a therapist can only guide the way. They can show you the best path to take, but you have to take it. You have to do the work, and really get some momentum behind you to tackle your issue. I know this from experience myself that to overcome issues such as depression, anxiety, phobias etc takes alot of focus, drive and determination. The fact is this client complained that they didn't get any results, they complained that hypnotherapy didn't work, and even blamed me. I label this point, because many people skip over it. If you don't believe that it will work, it wont. If you come to the sessions, and then 5 mins afterwards you fall back into your negative thought process, hypnotherapy wont work. If during the sessions you are resisting every word i'm saying and not surrendering to the process, then it wont work, no matter how skilled the therapist. It can't possibly. It's like having an aircraft taxing down a runway wandering why on earth your not taking off.

So yes, absolutely hypnotherapy can help you. I have had many successful clients that would definitely testify to that, and their lives have changed beyond recognition. In truth it wasn't me that made the change, I only gave those clients the benefit of my experience and knowledge. The truth is it's down to you, and what you expect from it.

How can i make hypnotherapy work for me then?

1) When you see a hypnotherapist check that they are reputable and highly trained individuals. Ideally they should hold a Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, and be members of the National Council of Hypnotherapists. The other good organisation is the General Hypnotherapy Register and their members are also very well monitored to ensure they give the best levels of care and support.

2) The next thing is having a goal for the session. Make sure though that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get over your issue, and that you follow any tasks the hypnotherapist sets you. You should also be able to give honest critical feedback during a session. I am well known for spending a good 10-15mins at the end of a session going through what the client liked and didn't like. Each person should be able to communicate freely without feeling judged, and you as a client should never be forced to do anything you don't want to do.

3) The other thing is don't limit yourself in therapy. Don't always disregard what the therapist is saying. Sometimes when we work with things like depression, fear, anxiety and traumatic events, you need to be able to face those thoughts, and then let them go. The more willing you are to see that these are just thoughts in your mind, then the easier it becomes to stop being scared or intimidated by those thoughts. This takes time by the way, so it's not always an instant process:)

The other bit of advice to make sure you really enjoy your sessions is to not treat hypnotherapy as a magic bullet treatment. There's no quick fixes out there, sadly. Just accept that it's going to take a committment and time to get through your issue, particularly if you have had it for a while. The most important part of all is to enjoy the experience. I think there is nothing greater than the moment when we decide to really tackle and blast through our beliefs and the things holding us back from our goals. Yes, we may stumble, and we may get knocked of track, but that is where your drive and determination comes in. A good therapist will always be on hand whenever you need help and further support subject to their availability. If you need further help, then make contact and get a Skype session or phone conversation going. There's no harm in asking for help, we all need assistance from time to time.

One final point I wanted to tackle was the notion that the stae of trance was a strange and unatural experience. The truth is we all experience trance, unless you are under heavy medication that would cause you to loose impairment and your ability to process your external environment. Have you ever been on a long trip and just somehow arrived at your destination, and it seemed the whole drive just floated by. Well that is a state of trance, it's a very relaxed daydream. I think university lecturers are great hypnotists by the way, lol. They just talk and that's it, off you go into trance, and your mind just drifts away. Those were the days hey?? lol..

I hope you enjoyed this little post here, and if you bear in mind these small points your going to have an awesome time with the therapy programme and a great time with your therapist. I hope to catch some of you soon when ASN launches the therapy programme, it's certainly going to be very exciting, and together we can really make a difference and achieve great things, yeehah!!! Have a great week, and i'll be in touch soon.


Thursday, 11 October 2012 18:45

Smashing Through The Anxiety Wall


Learn how to overcome your beliefs and thoughts using nlp

Hey everybody. Hope you are all well. It's coming close to winter here in the UK and it's getting colder and colder. How I wish I lived in a hot country lol. This post is inspired by a client session I did this week. This person suffers from de-personalisation disorder, and we have been trying different approaches to tackle not only that but depression and anxiety as well. Sometimes as a Hypnotherapist I come across things that challenge me, and I love a challenge. I had been trying to think of how we could have a breakthrough in these sessions, how could I best help my client. After trying different techniques and thinking of different things to do, I have to admit I was beginning to doubt my own abilities.


Then, the strangest thing happened. I was doing a hypnosis session, and from nowhere I just threw in this concept, which i'm going to teach and share with you today, and the results of this, were really exciting, and my client noticed a difference, which was so rewarding.


Maybe your similar, your beliefs about your condition wear you down, your depression tires you out leaving you feeling exhausted and frustrated with youself. There are times I guess when you feel like life is one big spiral, and nothing you seem to do changes how you feel. It's the same feeling as being trapped, trapped with no way out, stuck within this thought process. Anxiety can often feel like that at times, with the constant daily turmoil you go through and those around you not necessarily understanding what you are going through, it can be difficult to even think in a positive frame of mind. The thing is, how does being trapped within these thoughts and feelings help you? Does it feel good going through what your going through? I'm sure the answers are going to be that these thoughts, and feelings you have about depression and anxiety don't help you and it doesn't feel good at all.  So if it doesn't feel good and it doesn't help us, how did we end up with this out of control anxiety and depression, and all these unhelpful thoughts. These thoughts of anxiety may have come from an event, or have stemmed from some sought of childhood event, or just could be from years or being put down. The truth is we don't need to concern ourself with the story as to how we got it, what we really want to do is get over it, breakthrough it.


Is this possible to do??


Well that really depends on you. You see to get over anxiety and particularly depression requires a tremendous amount of focus and strength to breakthrough it. It's all to easy to slip back into the spiral and go deeper and deeper down into those negative beliefs, after all it's what we know and feel safe with. However there is a part of us that desperately wants to move forwards, and be free from this depression and anxiety. There's a part of us that just has had enough playing this game, and wants to smash through this barrier or wall that is trapping us. So get ready, hold on tight, because we are about to literally smash these beliefs out the park once and for all, woohoo. Do I have a hell yeah!! I can't hear you...


Step 1: So I want you to think of your depression, anxiety or whatever is bothering you the most and see this as a wall. Really imagine this wall being strong and imposing, see how strong it looks, see what colours it has, and notice how oppressive it feels. Notice how you feel trapped with no way out. It is important to really surrender to those feelings and really feel that oppressive experience as much as is safe for you to do so. Now we are not dwelling here and wanting to know how we got xyz, and why we have xyz, we simply are just allowing the feelings  to come up naturally without stressing ourselves.


Step 2: Now I want you to imagine that you have a really heavy object something like a heavy rock, and you can imagine having a series of rocks in catupults ready to hit this wall. You might like to imagine a massive heavy crane with a huge concrete ball getting ready to smash this wall down. The thing is there have been times in your life when you have come across big insurmountable walls, and at the time you thought it was impossible to get through or even find a way out; But you know what they say, every wall has it's weakness.


Step 3: Now before we unleash our chosen weapons of destruction, we need to get some energy and momentum going here. I want you to imagine a time when you felt really pumped up, maybe it was before a race, maybe it was before a meeting. Just imagine as if you had loads of energy going through your body. Some people I know imagine plugging themselves into an imaginary socket and charging themselves up. They imagine that electricity is giving them the energy they need. If you can't think of something then what if you had this energy. Just imagine it:)


Step 4: This is my favourite bit of the process. I want you with your new found energy to smash this wall down, and as you see your object hit the wall see it beginning to break and fracture. See that wall that represents all those feelings beginning to break. See that wall beginning to crumble and tumble down. Hear the sounds of the wall breaking, see the objects smashing into the wall over and over again. Feel that energy inside of you, giving you the power to continue, giving you the power to finally smash through those old unhelpful beliefs and thoughts. Feel the difference, notice how you think, notice the anticipation of what could be, and how your life could be better than before. Take the time you need to really enjoy this process, and feel the difference.


Step 5: Now that the wall is completely destroyed, I want you to spend just 5 minutes thinking about how your new life feels. How does it feel to feel energised? How does it feel to feel alert during the day, instead of tired and lethargic? What new thoughts do you think about your life? And on a scale of 1-10, 10 feeling the most good and 1 feeling the least good where abouts are you. Measure yourself, and just welcome up any beliefs, they are not good, they are not bad, it's just thoughts passing through. That's it, just let it all go. Let those old thoughts just leave. Really imagine it and feel it as if your new life was real now, where would you go right now? So now what I want you to do is do one small action towards getting your goal. It could be doing some research on getting your goal, it could be as small as just spending everyday for 5 mintes imagining having your goal, just do one small thing.


Well done everyone, I think we have all had a really smashing time today, lol. I know, it's the best joke I could think off, hehe!! Do this process and PM me and let us know how things go. Remember we can smash this anxiety and depression once and for all with determined effort, and regular practice.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012 21:13

Tackling Those Health Anxiety Thoughts Today

Hi everybody, it's been a while since i've blogged here. To be honest i've been getting really busy lately working with clients from Anxiety UK, launching my Stress Relief 2 mobile app which tackles work stress, and writing a book, soon to be published on Kindle and lots more. Anyway, it's great to be back, and I thought I would kick things off with a topic that affects many of us, and that is health anxiety.

Health anxiety is when someone  excessively worries about their health, some people think that whenever they get a pain, they are going to die, or something terrible is wrong with them. It can cause the sufferer to constantly check themselves and be on guard or see the doctor on a very regular basis just to see if everything is okay. I actually have worked with quite a few people now that suffer from Health Anxiety, and it is suprisingly simple to let go of. However, I will also say that it takes a firm decision on your part to really take the action needed to get over your anxiety.

In this blog post we are going to look at the very first thing that causes Health Anxiety in my opinion, and this is those thoughts and beliefs whirling around in your mind. Now these thoughts and beliefs you have about health anxiety are really acting as a protective mechanism, even the most negative belief you have is trying to warn you or protect you in some way. These thoughts are relentless, telling you to check this part of your body, worry about this thing, that thing etc. There are times when these thoughts can just be draining, affecting how you feel, what you think, and generally feeling frustrated and stressed with what is going on. The interesting thing is, when one works with these thoughts and beliefs, you can actually limit the impact they have, and feel a whole lot better.

The first thing we need to do is understand that these thoughts have a positive intention behind them. Now the more you fight and resisit and get stressed because you don't know whether you should or should not be concerned about the pain your feeling, the more these thoughts get stronger and stronger. Think of it like this, imagine having a small stream flowing along. On it's own this little trickle of water is not doing any damage at all. Now if I am able to block the flow of water so the stream water level builds up and up, then when I eventually release the water, it will do some damage. The water has more power, and force operating behind it, therefore making it more dangerous. It's the same with our thoughts, when we fight and suppress our thoughts and beliefs, there is going to come a time when it negatively affects us, whether we notice this as stress, frustration, anger, hyper-ventilation, you get the idea!! When we suppress, we express, always remember that.

One of my favourite ways of delaing with those anxiety thoughts and beliefs is actually to use a technique from NLP called Parts Therapy. This technique is super powerful, and with my spin on things you are sure to get alot out of it. So let's try this shall we:

1) Before we begin I want you to think of this negative belief you have as being called the 'Original Part'. Now this original part, this part that has this negative belief, this part that is holding onto this fear and anxiety and constantly worrying all the time about your health, and whether there is something wrong is unproductive. However it is trying to help you in some way, it has a postive reason for doing what it does.

2) The other part of this belief is that part of you that desperately wants to be free from this thought process. It desperately wants to move on, and achieve new things. You want to be free from this health anxiety, and live life on your terms.

3) Now what i'd like you to do is this. Ask that 'Original Part', that part of your mind that is holding onto this negative belief, what are you trying to do to help me? Get yourself quiet and just repeat that question, until you get a sense of some answer. When you feel you have something that resonates with you, then go to the next step. If you find you can't get an answer carry on any way, it will come, you just have to relax and enjoy the process.

4) Now ask that 'Original Part' What do you need me to do, so that you can leave??', Just see what answer you get. What does this belief need from you so that it can let go and let you be free. Do you need to do something or take some kind of action.

5) Now just check and see whether you are happy to take that action or do that thing that the 'Original Part' has asked you to do. Come to some kind of mutual agreement here. Are you happy to do this action??

6) Now see yourself doing this action and feeling great doing it. See what new things you'v been able to do now that you are free from your anxiety. What new places did you go to?? What new goals did you achieve?? How great do you feel?? Really just spend a few minutes getting into this new and unique experience. Feel these new changes taking root at a deep unconscious level. Allow all those positive changes to take place. See yourself a month from now. a year from now, living your new life. What new thoughts do you think?? And how does it feel to think those new thoughts??

7) Now what i'd like to do is take it one step further. When you imagine this new improved life I want you to to anchor this experience. This just means that when the good feelings peak, then squeeze those fingers and thumbs together or touch your kneee or some other inconspicious act. When you do this you are locking in place those good new feelings, available on instant recall whenever you need it, pretty clever stuff hey?? To get the best results I recommend that you repeat this process of getting those feelings to the peak, and then squeeze those fingers and thumbs together, to lock in those good feelings. Do this at least 5 times, and notice the difference.

Okay, so that's it for now, this is absolute gold information here, so use it, practice it, and tell us how you get on. Thank you again. Shaan

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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!



We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!