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  • Abuse and aftermath ?

    I have escaped an abusive childhood and now I am afraid of doing things on my own. I really want to go the cinema on my own, I have no friends or family but the primary reason is to allow myself to do things which I wasn't allowed to do and stop being afraid of what other think but I can't seem to stop thinking of how other would perceive it or if they will judge me like my parents - I have read on-line that it is weird and not normal but some say it is good because you pay for it and you can watch without interruptions. I keep thinking people are like my parents - analysing my every move and judging me. I want to discover new things and go places by myself but I can't because I don't want people to see me. How do I manage this feeling ? I am fine once I leave the house but it is having the courage and mental strength to convince myself to leave the house that is the problem and also I scratch myself if I am nervous and shy and I keep my head low but that makes me look weird and pathetic.
  • Best medication for social anxiety?

    I was wondering what the best medication for social anxiety for a sixteen year old would be? I have been on Zoloft before and it did not work too well.
  • Dating and social anxiety?

    Because of my anxiety and social awkwardness I've never dated or been in a relationship. In the past I've been told by guys that I am too sensitive or that my worrying is annoying. Now that I'm turning twenty I get anxiety over the fact that I've never had a boyfriend. Sometimes I feel like I'm being judged by family members because I'm not in a relationship and I feel really embarrassed. It's not that I don't want a boyfriend I just don't have any experience with relationships and I'm scared of rejection. Am I the only one going through this? Or if u have anxiety and are in a relationship what is your advice/suggestions? Thank you!
  • Does the people around you effect agoraphobia?

    Im wondering, and if so how are they?
  • How can i stop my anxiety when i eat out

    so every time i go out to eat or just eat with friends and my boyfriend i got so anxious that i just cant eat. it turns my stomach and makes me so nauseous that i just cant do anything and i am getting tired of this.
  • How to make freinds dont have any and dropped out of school and have social anxiety


we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!



We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!