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  • Has anyone taken Cymbalta for OCD thoughts before? Did it help? Side effects?

    Cymbalta for OCD?
  • Has anyone taken Fluvoxamine before?

    I'm changing medications yet again but we are sure this could be the right one for me this time.

    Just wanting to know how others have found it? Has it helped? What side effects did you notice? Improvement? How long before you noticed improvement?

  • How do you all feel about your psych doctors?

    My psychiatrist, the only doctor I've seen who I liked, is getting on my nerves all the time lately. She cuts me off, answers Qs before she lets me finish asking them (and her assumptions are incorrect), she blows off a lot of my concerns, she doesn't know the answer to some of my Qs and tells me common sense stuff I figured out on my own. I get really angry when she doesn't warn me about potential (and potentially serious) side effects that common sense should dictate that I am going to be especially at risk. She did not warn me about severe anxiety as side effect to Cymbalta, even when I mentioned the anxiety the first time. She gave me nothing to help it but basically called me a substance abuser for taking 1-2mg of Xanax here and there, when she originally RXed it to me at 6mg daily. But, she gave me no alternative. I told her it was unbearable (I never say that) but she basically ignored me because it should go away after a few weeks. I'd like to see her waking up in panic that lasts for hours for 4-6ish weeks and see how she feels then about either me taking Xanax or her giving me something else.
    Anyone else this frustrated? Or have a good doctor (because I think that may be a myth)?
  • Is anyone taking Allegron or tried this medication before?

    If so, how did you find it? Any side effects? Did it help or worsen your anxiety symptoms? What dosage were you on? :)


we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!



We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!