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  • Anxiety or panic attack?

    Is there some connection between anxiety and panic attack? Do they have the same symptoms?
  • Do you feel like you experience other emotions more intensely than "normals"?

    Obviously we feel fear/stress/anxiety more intensely than people who don't have anxiety disorders, but do any of you seem to feel other emotions more strongly, too? I find I feel EVERY emotion more intensely than my "normal" friends.
  • Fear of public transportation and long journeys?

    I suffer from fear of public transportation, i.e busses, coaches, taxi's, trains, aeroplanes, and long journeys, and I was wondering if anyone else here suffers similar experiences from what I am about to write from bellow: I don't know how or why it started but I sure remember when. One of my ex girlfriends and i had a long distance relationship. We lived about four hours away from each other and we would both take it in turns to take the train to one another's houses and stay for a while. I was I think 14/15 years of age and had been suffering from severe depression and severe anxiety since I will say the age of 11 as that was when I was first officially diagnosed although I have always been an anxious person. Anyway, this one day it was my turn to take the train up to hers and for a while now the anxiety had been building on these journeys every time, and on this particular day something felt different, shall I say. I had boarded on to the train and I could see my Dad standing on the platform outside of my window and I suddenly just went berserk. I shouted through the window to my Dad, "I can't do this", and suddenly desperately needed the toilet and was hyperventilating, pouring with sweat, shaking uncontrolably, and I couldn't even talk! After i had been to the toilet about 10 times, I had been throwing up blood and blood was coming out from my behind also and suddenly everything went dark. I later woke up on the floor of the carriage of the train by the ticket guy and he called for help and I was taken off at the next station. I was so embarrassed and ashamed, I had to call my dad who luckily had not left the station after i had shouted to him "I can't do this" and came to get me straight away. I had to be taken to the hospital and get checked over etc, all to discover that I had IBS..? When I was a kid and would go on school trips, I never wanted to, i was too afraid but I was still made to go, and i would always throw up - embarrassing and shameful yet again for me and I would experience levels of anxiety but not to the level of the story up above. After that experience on the train, I tried going on to a bus. I had paid for my seat and the bus was about to set off, and I suddenly ran off the bus shouting to the driver to open the doors and let me off. And once again I was very embarrassed and ashamed. I had also tried to go on long journeys in the car back to my hometown, London, UK, Bournemouth where my auntie and cousin live, and other long journeys but that also got too much for me to bear. Every time I got anxious I would suddenly need the toilet without warning and would have to get my Dad or whoever was driving to pull over immediately in fear that I would soil myself. And now, at the age of 22, I still suffer from this. Even when I'm not going on a journey, as soon as I become anxious, I need the toilet immediately. My friends don't know about this at all, only my current girlfriend and my parents do. So when my friends ask me to go on a journey with them somewhere, I have to make up an excuse and lie to them. I hate having to do that. It has happened a lot when being in the car with my girlfriend going on a journey somewhere. Twice I have been in tears in the car because I thought I was about to soil myself. In my personal opinion of myself, and no one else, i feel that as a 22 year old man, I should not be suffering with this. I constantly tell myself "you know, you're not a kid, you're a grown man so start acting like one", and all other kinds of things. I am my own worst enemy at times, I do self sabotage a lot. I actually can't believe i'm writing this for all to see, but I need to know that I'm not alone and need any advice anyone can give me.
  • Has anybody else been told "You have be able to rewire your brain?"

    My psychologist said. I don't know how you did it. But, you have been able to rewire your brain. The first six years of my life was in a passive state with very little afffection only shown towards animals. age six a near drowning erases my memory, removes the the affection and the tramatic experience changes my mental state from passive to being active.
    However, through out most of my adolescents my mental state was years behind other kids my age. When it came to connecting with other people's feelings and emotions, there wasn't anything inside to make me feel sad, joy, fear, being humiliated, or compassion.
    So, my psychologist along with others and doctors can't reason with it. The answer is how a person uses their mind.
  • how do u diagnose if your dr doesn't tell u what u have

  • I'm stuck

    Lately I've been feeling stuck, like I'm not improving. I'm not getting worse either. But it seems like I've been doing better. But I'm not sure if it's because I am getting better and the working on myself is actually doing something. Or I'm only feeling like I'm doing better because the main trigger for my anxiety and depression is momentarily gone. I just don't know what to do. The working on myself is expressing my emotions and feelings more, and trying to reach out to my friends. I've been figuring out what Happens during an attack and what helps. I know myself pretty well in that area. But I want to be able to do more then just coping with it. I want it to get less. I only have no idea how
  • Is there a buddy system where we can support each other during episodes?

    I think it would be great to have some sort of buddy system where we can count on someone to communicate with (doesn't matter how: skype, messaging, etc) that would benefit each person get past their episode.
  • What career option do I have in case of anxiety?

    I am suffering from anxiety disorder for the last two years.I am 22 now.a commerce graduate.My mind is always focusing on anxiety and everytime there are anxious thoughts running around and entire focus on anxiety.It does not allow me to focus on anything else except itself.My memory is just dead.and I am not able to recall things more often. I am just starving for relaxation, feelings and emotions. Anxiety has taken full control of my mind.I am not able to relate myself to present moment , to my surroundings.I am lost in my head all the time and cann't get out of my head and focus on present moment.At this time , I am in desperate need of some job or career because I am financially weak.How can I do this because My poor memory and lack of concentration are not allowing me to do any job or any business.and not having employment is just adding to my anxiety.It is a catch-22 sort of situation.Please guide me.I will be highly grateful to you.
  • Would you like to take back your life?

    Have you made your condition a part of you daily life? If, you have it will always be in your life. Throughout my life I have lived with many mental conditions, the reasons they have never taken cotrol of my life has to do with not paying attention to them. When one of them could come out during certain situations I didn't give into it or spend any time thinking about what I just did, it was done and never remembered.
    You can take back your life at any time. When I am faced with something or I feel out of my comfort zone, I will embrace and move forward to be more a part of it. Example, I couldn't feel my children when they small, there wasn't the ability to have that feeling. I could get mad and become depressed, but how would that help me? It wouldn't help.
    My parents didn't ever let me know I was different. They never let me know I was slow or the reason behind not being able to understand school or the simple things in life. I grew up never walking away from any challenge, conflict or problem, to me they were just things to do along side of things I liked to do.
    So, when my grandchildren were born I heal them all the time, for I have learned by continuing to be a part of something good or bad will only make it better or make it get worse. Then, two years later and 100s of hours of holding my grandchildren when they were babies, has brought out a dead feeling. Today, I can enjoy holding the new family members.
    Thus, you want to accept and believe in your condition will only make it worse. By doing things the opposite of what you are doing will make it go away. The brain is like a 15 month old child, it gives you what you want to believe. Since, that is what you spend the most time doing.
    Like not being around people will only makes my condition worse and /i know it. When I don't feel like being around people. I will get ready and go to the Mall. When I don't feel like talking to anybody, I will call up people I know to engage in a conversation. When I see a large ship which creates a bad scary feeling, I will go to the ship and walk around it touching it. If, I do this just one time will not be enough, I have to do it over and over.
    Take back your life by taking back the controls. You need to stop listening to your mind. Turn off the tv, radio and stop listening to your thoughts. Plan a new day with outdoor activites doing things you wouldn't do. By doing this it will put you in control. Guess what? Everybody on this planet has fears. We are all the same when it comes to fear and worries about the things we don't understand.


we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!



We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!