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  • I haven't been professionally diagnosed with anxiety but I know in myself that there is something wrong. I'm too afraid to talk to anyone that I know as I feel like I would sound stupid. I regularly experience panic, shakyness, racing heart, feeling down

  • afraid of diagnosis?

    I am scared to death I will be told I"m bipolar, or (again) that I have "frequent and intense psychotic episodes" when I one time hallucinated. I feel my life was ruined by that and I am terrified to tell the truth when I go to therapy because I have some dark thoughts. I'm afraid I will be locked away. They are not constant, and are not acted upon. I have an appointment with a new therapist coming up in 2 months. I'm so afraid of crying in front of her, telling the entire truth, and being labeled.
  • Anbody else suffer from hypochondria aka health anxiety?

  • Anxiety or panic attack?

    Is there some connection between anxiety and panic attack? Do they have the same symptoms?
  • Does anybody feel paranoid when talking to people?

    I usually feel worried and paranoid of how others (even friends and family) are perceiving me while I'm engaged in a conversation with them. I use the word "engaged" loosely, as I have to try very hard to stay focused and endure a great deal of mental fatigue. I often find it hard to smile and tend to get shaky the longer the social interaction continues. It gets to the point where I wish I could turn and run away. I don't feel comfortable speaking with anyone for extended periods of time and I often take sarcastic remarks in a personal way; even when I know the said sarcasm is just a joke. I feel hopeless sometimes, and smoke to ease my nerves.
  • Does anyone else fear being touched?

    I dislike being touched, even by my husband sometimes. I feel paralyzed and disgusted, as well as anxious. I don't like acquaintances to try to hug me, but worse there are certain parts of my body I feel repulsed when touched. It's impossible to control and hurts my relationship with my husband. Not sure if it's common to fear touch with PTSD, depression, and anxiety.
  • Does anyone else have a fear of elevators?

    If so, what do you do in situations where they're pretty much unavoidable? What is it about them that makes you afraid? I fear the elevator's cables not working properly and the elevator plummeting uncontrollably. I avoid them at all costs, preferring to take 10 flights of stairs if I have to.
  • Does anyone else have a fear of speed while driving or riding in a car?

    Since 2008, I have had a fear of speed while driving. At first, I thought the fear was driving in general. Then, it became more and more clear that it was speed I was afraid of. I need all the advice that anyone can share. Thanks.
  • Does anyone else have an HIV fear? How do you cope with it?

    I have a horrible phobia of HIV. I get tested constantly. Does anyone else have this fear? how do you cope with it?
  • Does anyone else have fear of going outside?

    So I am having trouble with being stuck in my apartment due to my anxiety and fear, I wondered if anyone also had the same issue? I would like to move forward but I am getting little help at the moment and wondered if anyone had any advice? Some people are just like get up and go out but they don't realize how strong the fear and anxiety are. Not sure where to go from here, I have become quite isolated now and even due to some other circumstances fear my neighbors. I am feeling quite hopeless about the whole thing at this point and any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • Does anyone else struggle with using transport?

    I think part of my anxiety began by using the bus to college. I kept getting panic attacks during the journey, and as the bus doesn't stop until it gets to college, it felt impossible to get off. This led to even more panic, and now I avoid long journeys on any kind of transport. Even just travelling in the car with my parents makes me feel panicked and stressed, and I'll often worry about going anywhere far away where I will have to travel back from. It's really affecting my life, and despite applying to university, I'm not sure I could cope with it.
  • Does anyone have fear of driving on highways, tunnels, bridges....etc...

    I feel an attack coming on when I have to drive on a highway, bridge tunnel, I am stuck in my town and I hate it. I never had this problem before, It started around 6 years ago and since then social anxiety has also become apart of my life. Im not seeing a doctor nor am I on any meds.
  • Does anyone have Thanatophobia?

    I just need to know. This is my 3rd time with this phobia. It's about myself not others dying. It gets to the point we're in am afraid of going to sleep. I take kolonopin 3 mg and am thinking for telling my psychiatrist. I have already talked with my psychotherapist. Please let me know so I don't feel alone.
  • Fear Of Choking?

    I'm a 14 year old female and anxiety is consuming my life in every way imaginable. For about two years now I've had a fear of choking. I CANNOT eat in public, I go all day without eating at school. Because of this, I have lost a LOT of weight,became anemic and have low blood sugar. I cannot eat when I'm alone, someone has to be in my house. When I eat, my throat tightens and makes it hard to swallow. I am constantly getting food stuck in my throat which causes me to freak out. My parents laugh at me so they're not going to help.. PLEASE help me? How can I deal with my fear of choking?
  • Fear of disturbance of sleep?

    Does anyone have panic attacks when they cannot fall asleep? i.e. someone keeping them awake, snoring, etc.
  • Fear of flying?

    I am having a fear of flying. Could this be phobia?
  • Fear of public speaking?

    On my friends wedding I got a chance to make a toast. All eyes on me. On my mind I had only one thought "don't tell something stupid". So I started blushing, sweating, I was nervous and scared. my friend held my head and everything went well. How can I solve this problem? Could this be some kind of phobia?
  • Fear of public transportation and long journeys?

    I suffer from fear of public transportation, i.e busses, coaches, taxi's, trains, aeroplanes, and long journeys, and I was wondering if anyone else here suffers similar experiences from what I am about to write from bellow: I don't know how or why it started but I sure remember when. One of my ex girlfriends and i had a long distance relationship. We lived about four hours away from each other and we would both take it in turns to take the train to one another's houses and stay for a while. I was I think 14/15 years of age and had been suffering from severe depression and severe anxiety since I will say the age of 11 as that was when I was first officially diagnosed although I have always been an anxious person. Anyway, this one day it was my turn to take the train up to hers and for a while now the anxiety had been building on these journeys every time, and on this particular day something felt different, shall I say. I had boarded on to the train and I could see my Dad standing on the platform outside of my window and I suddenly just went berserk. I shouted through the window to my Dad, "I can't do this", and suddenly desperately needed the toilet and was hyperventilating, pouring with sweat, shaking uncontrolably, and I couldn't even talk! After i had been to the toilet about 10 times, I had been throwing up blood and blood was coming out from my behind also and suddenly everything went dark. I later woke up on the floor of the carriage of the train by the ticket guy and he called for help and I was taken off at the next station. I was so embarrassed and ashamed, I had to call my dad who luckily had not left the station after i had shouted to him "I can't do this" and came to get me straight away. I had to be taken to the hospital and get checked over etc, all to discover that I had IBS..? When I was a kid and would go on school trips, I never wanted to, i was too afraid but I was still made to go, and i would always throw up - embarrassing and shameful yet again for me and I would experience levels of anxiety but not to the level of the story up above. After that experience on the train, I tried going on to a bus. I had paid for my seat and the bus was about to set off, and I suddenly ran off the bus shouting to the driver to open the doors and let me off. And once again I was very embarrassed and ashamed. I had also tried to go on long journeys in the car back to my hometown, London, UK, Bournemouth where my auntie and cousin live, and other long journeys but that also got too much for me to bear. Every time I got anxious I would suddenly need the toilet without warning and would have to get my Dad or whoever was driving to pull over immediately in fear that I would soil myself. And now, at the age of 22, I still suffer from this. Even when I'm not going on a journey, as soon as I become anxious, I need the toilet immediately. My friends don't know about this at all, only my current girlfriend and my parents do. So when my friends ask me to go on a journey with them somewhere, I have to make up an excuse and lie to them. I hate having to do that. It has happened a lot when being in the car with my girlfriend going on a journey somewhere. Twice I have been in tears in the car because I thought I was about to soil myself. In my personal opinion of myself, and no one else, i feel that as a 22 year old man, I should not be suffering with this. I constantly tell myself "you know, you're not a kid, you're a grown man so start acting like one", and all other kinds of things. I am my own worst enemy at times, I do self sabotage a lot. I actually can't believe i'm writing this for all to see, but I need to know that I'm not alone and need any advice anyone can give me.
  • Fear of vomiting?

    I have this really bad fear of vomiting and I'm only 14 its been getting worse I've had it since I was 7 and I have panic attacks and lots of problems at school because of it and I don't know what to do. Does anyone else suffer or have some info on what to do? Thanks xx
  • Has anyone else had a complete mental breakdown, and have fear it will reoccur?

    While I was in college, my dad was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. I wasn't living at home, and I was having long commutes everyday to my classes (over 3 hours on the road). In addition to that, I had a part-time job where I didn't feel I was being appreciated. After my dad passed, I thought I was coping well. I continued on for about a week without any real problems. But, one day, I woke up and I couldn't understand where I was, or who I was supposed to be (I knew I was supposed to be someone, just no idea who). Everything was foreign to me (I couldn't understand what the digits on my alarm clock meant). I suffered a complete mental breakdown and was lost to the world. After years of treatment and my mom's loving care, I'm finally on the road to recovery, albeit very slowly. As I slowly try to rebuild my life, I feel a constant tug at my psyche, like a small dog wanting attention, pawing the back of your leg. It feels like at any moment, I could lose everything again, and this time... I won't recover. This fear gnaws at me, threatening to loosen my resolve. Is anyone else going through something similar?

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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!



We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!