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  • Acupuncture / supplements / natural remedies help anyone?

    Hi all, newbie here. I have GA and phobias. Anyone get help from acupuncture or natural remedies, such as essential oils/supplements? Not interested in pharmaceuticals, as I am very sensitive to them and get bad side effects from any pharma drug. Am currently taking L-Theanine and Adrenal Fatigue supplements, w/o much success. Preferably something that won't make me feel like a zombie..
  • afraid of diagnosis?

    I am scared to death I will be told I"m bipolar, or (again) that I have "frequent and intense psychotic episodes" when I one time hallucinated. I feel my life was ruined by that and I am terrified to tell the truth when I go to therapy because I have some dark thoughts. I'm afraid I will be locked away. They are not constant, and are not acted upon. I have an appointment with a new therapist coming up in 2 months. I'm so afraid of crying in front of her, telling the entire truth, and being labeled.
  • Does anyone feel like a tension behind the eyes along with detachment?

  • Does anyone get chronic pain (jaw, neck, upper back etc) from the muscle tension anxiety causes?

  • How do I talk to my family/friends?

    How can I relate my depression and anxiety (GAD) in a way that my family/friends will understand? They're extremely supportive and helpful, but I get scared to them about it. It's hard to find the right words. Also, sometimes they offer advice or an "it's ok" type comment, which is nice, but not what I was looking for. I just want them to know me better.
  • How do you deal with anxiety-induced focus problems?

    Normally I'm a very focused individual but when I enter high anxiety times/situations (generally when I have a lot to do) I lose the ability to focus on anything for longer than a couple of minutes. This is very frustrating, and makes me even more anxious. Its a horrible catch-22, and I would like to know if anyone else has this problem and how they deal with it, besides the old deep breathing technique which has lost a lot of effectiveness for me.
  • I'm stuck

    Lately I've been feeling stuck, like I'm not improving. I'm not getting worse either. But it seems like I've been doing better. But I'm not sure if it's because I am getting better and the working on myself is actually doing something. Or I'm only feeling like I'm doing better because the main trigger for my anxiety and depression is momentarily gone. I just don't know what to do. The working on myself is expressing my emotions and feelings more, and trying to reach out to my friends. I've been figuring out what Happens during an attack and what helps. I know myself pretty well in that area. But I want to be able to do more then just coping with it. I want it to get less. I only have no idea how
  • Severe anxiety at work

    Hi guys, i joined this group because I feel hopeless. I have really bad anxiety. I was to the point where i had anxiety just driving. I feel like overtime it increased. I mainly feel it has come from work. As a cashier I've had to deal with a lot of busy less than nice people. (screaming, accusing, etc). When it gets busy i feel my anxiety begin and it's so hard to control it. If i am left alone for any period of time during work. I go haywire. Unable to calm, panic, sweaty hands, breathing hindered, heart palpitations, muscle tension, blushing (so horrible), dizzyness, twitching. I've been to the doctor and i was prescribed zoloft and xanax. Zoloft seemed to work a little, but i felt i had a knot in my throat from it. Xanax helped a lot, but the doctor was afraid of addiction. i was on .25 mg Then i was given buspar. All that did was make me really sleepy without any help- it actually made me worse. Finally i was given Cymbalta. I took if for about 3 weeks before i had given up. All of a sudden, one day i had become dissociated. Scariest feeling ever...but the anxiety was gone...literally gone. The dissociation came for about a week at a time. I'd just wake up feeling it one day and then boom i was "normal". this lasted for about 2 months. Then the dissociation never came back, and i was full of anxiety again. I took the advice from my doctor and decided to go to therapy. So far I have only been given breathing exercises that I don't feel are working for me. Also I was diagnosed with GAD and panic disorder. When I am forced to be alone at work I realized that if I drink alcohol (24 oz.). I am so calm and i don't have the crippling fear that keeps me down until it wears off.
    I'm looking for a new job, that doesn't deal with people much because I feel if i don't find something to help me get away. I'll become so messed up from the anxiety, that I'll go full crazy or something. I'm so hopeless right now and just want some help. I wish I didn't have this problem. Someone please help if you have any info.
  • Tomography or magnetic resonance? Can they help check /rule out other conditions o is it just my hipocondria talking?

    Hi, first post here. I am female, in my 20s. With GAD since I was 4 (diagnosed until late teenage years, after at least 10 years trying to convince psychologists and doctors I was not O.K. A year ago I got into the “why do you doctors do not run tests on me!? “ wave. I have been on benzos and antidepressants since 2013, every day or I become Hyde and get super aggresive. (i also take a hell of a lot of other stuff to relief the physical pain of moving all the time, as well as vitamins and all that stuff) The things is... I did X-rays because I remember hiting my head so hard when I was 9 that it literally hurt for years... touching it was like a baby soft spot. But the X rays showed nothing wrong with my skull. (Only unrelated sinuses problems) I got an Electro Encephalogram. Which showed prefrontal cortex activity way below standards. Besides all the GAD and MDD usual symptoms, -I sometimes stutter, or forget the name of regular things -I get OCD episodes (i ocd about certain things for a couple of weeks). -I get memory loss -I do not remember faces... specially of people i met the last year, i see them again and the only reason why i know they know me is because they talk to me. I also have some other things that I dont know if are “normal” for GAD or MDD, but are things I do. -I always wear the same clothes. (Same leather jacket , have at least 3 pairs of the very same shoes. And my other pairs have also duplicates and the different model are all similar with one another. Only 100% cotton shirts) - I can only write on 90% whiteness paper, anything else bothers me. It has to be at least 65grams/m^2. As tou can see I have a bad time trying to explain myself because all my thoughts are running at the same time. The thing is : If my prefrontal cortex does not work as it should. Why doctors dont even bother to order/check a TAC ? Why do they assume it has to be my anxiety? Has anyone here had their brain scanned? I have been reading thing in PubMed, there is a paper on Neuroimaging for Anxiety Dissorders. Anyway, I just want to rule out a tumor or Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus


we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!



We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!