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  • Can someone have multiple anxiety disorders?

    Is possible that someone has more than one anxiety condition? Could this be treatable like any other single anxiety condition?
  • Members near Zürich (Switzerland)

    Hi folks, I live near Zürich in Switzerland and I'm pretty sure there no English speaking support groups nearby. If anybody is aware of one, I'd be pleased to know. As I suffer from social anxiety I prefer meeting one person at a time or very small groups. If anyone in the area would like to make contact and maybe meet for coffee please let me know. As my German is still not great it would be very helpful to meet others who may also feel isolated both by the language and their disorder(s). I find I am more at ease with other people who also have problems with anxiety and depression as one doesn't have to make excuses for odd behaviors or other difficulties. I have OCD which makes it difficult for me to get to places or appointments on time sometimes and occasionally I just can't break out of my rituals and miss things altogether. I already have one friend here who suffers from anxiety and have told a couple of close friends about my problem. They have been very understanding and we have an arrangement where we agree to meet between say 1pm and 3pm. I then call them when I am ready to leave the house and they remain at home until they get my call to go ahead and leave. That way they aren't left waiting around at a coffee shop somewhere for an hour and I don't feel guilty about letting them down by arriving late or not at all. To get to Psychiatric appointments etc. my husband has to come home and helps me to get "unstuck" by applying "gentle force" if necessary. I do wonder how some people with even worse OCD and can't leave the house manage to get any treatment. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has this problem. It's incredibly frustrating and I still have to pay for the appointment even if I only manage to get there for half of it or not at all. There are some online options I guess. Pandahugs


we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!



We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!