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  • After a Panic Attack

    For those of you who, like me, experience panic attacks at least once a month, please help! I PROMISE this is not spam. I'm looking into helping those of us who suffer with panic attacks. I'm conducting research study as part of a course requirement for my clinical psychology PhD program at Alliant International University, Los Angeles. My study has been designed to assess anxiety, and the relationship between panic attacks and any residual/lingering symptoms or impairment immediately after the panic attack itself has abated (referred to as “post-attack symptoms”). It's like the fatigue, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, etc. that continues after the panic attack has ended. Nobody seems to have the answers for it, and I decided to look for the answers. I truly hope to bring about awareness of the fact that there is more to panic attacks than the attack itself...there are the lingering symptoms! Your participation is completely anonymous and confidential, and you could enter for a chance to win a $50 debit gift card! Please click on the link below to be directed to my survey.
  • How do I get the moderator to approve the groups I'm trying to make? I already tired to make 3

  • If you suffer from anxiety and panic. Could you help me out do you think. I'd like to know what are the main issues or problems you struggle with? So for example: Don't know how to get over panic, can' get a quiet mind, Feel depressed everyday etc

    Hi Everyone This question has arisen because a few of the anxiety clients I work with can't see me on the phone or face to face because they find it to overwhelming. I can't bear to abandon them so I am thinking of creating a special membership site to help them and at least give them the option to PM me etc. So that's why I need your help. I really really want to help these people. A passion born out of my own long and troubled battle with depression/phobias/anxieties/suicide. Although those days were dark days on a personal level for me, they give me the drive to help educate and help people overcome their anxieties. So if you could spare a few minutes of your time and write down what are the main struggles you have with anxiety/panic then you'll not only be helping me but helping the world at large. And let's face it the world really needs help out there. So some things you might write down are: Don't know how to get over panic, Can't sleep at night/mind noisy, how do i..., why can't i... etc. Thank you and before you ask this isn't selling. Just fact finding:) Best wishes Shaan White
  • just anxiety?

    I don't know where these symptoms are just anxiety or something else:
    3.panic attacks
    4.loss of will, loss of interest
    5.difficulty concentrating
    6.light is too bright for me sometimes
    7.I sleep a lot,like 10 hours a day or more
    8.I have weird phobias:I'm afraid of people,I'm afraid of crossing bridges,because I think I'm going to jump of it,so I start running,afraid of death,but somehow want to die,etc.
    9.I constantly watch my hands,I used to do that also when I was a kid
    10.sometimes I feel like people,even my parents are like in a movie,or they plotting to do something bad to me,although I know that is my imagination
    11.numbness in fingers
    12.heart pounding very fast mouth are dry most of the time
    14.sometimes I'm lost in space.disoriented...don't know if even my room is where I'm time I didn't know how to get out of the mall,even though I knew the place very well.
    Please help. Thank you.


we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!



We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!