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  • xfilme
    New Group for Health Anxiety / Hypochondriasis Sufferers

    Hello everyone,

    my name is Naomi and I have just set up a Group especially for people who post on here that suffer from Health Anxiety.

    By Health Anxiety, I do not mean people who are anxious over diagnosed health conditions. 'Health Anxiety' or Hypochondriasis relates soley to people who have irrational fears about their health or minor symptoms and blow them completely out of proportion and end up having Panic Attacks.

    For example, people who inspect their skin routinely in case they have a rash, or people who get a fast heartbeat and presume they have a heart defect. People who see a bruise on their leg and presume they have a blood clot, or maybe get a cold and presume they have Pneumonia.

    These people characteristically have loads of doctors appointments over many many minor ailements, and have usually had a traumatic experience in their past that relates to their fears, such as bereavement or withnessing an accident, or knowing someone who was in a medical emergency etc.

    Some people will worry about their health because of illnesses they had in the past and now try to prevent them coming back by compulsively obsessing over their health... while others can panic irrationally over their health when they reach the same age as a parent or sibling that died.

    These are the people the group is for.

    If we all join together and share our thoughts, we may be able to make progress with overcoming the disorder.

    If you believe you are a Health Anxiety/Hypochondria Sufferer, make the first big step, by accepting its presence in your life, and joining the group.

    Naomi x

    Monday, 26 March 2012 by xfilme