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I have suffered from depression since I was a teenager; as an adult I was also diagnosed with severe symptoms of PTSD. I have suffered unspeakably because of my mental problems. Even my last relationship fell apart because a granddaughter and a daughter of my girlfriend didn't want me as part of their family and they pulled me out of it "the hard way" , as they say. It was a cruel, painful experience for the methods they used to get me out of her life definitely. Since then I have retreated in my solitude, I do not trust anyone personally and I do all i can to avoid any social contact in person. I can say that most of my current friends are virtual, because people out there makes me panic because I'm always afraid that someone will accuse me of something. I hope that my online friends will never betray me, especially those who, like me, are dealing and coping with some form of mental problems.

Discussion started by ZumBlue, on 3 years ago
All of my friends are virtual, but I have to say they are great people, and I don't regret it for one minute. I can understand how hard it is to live with ptsd, I have to myself. Most people don't understand how hard it is. I have never really had many 'real life' friends in my life, and because of my illness I have never been able to hold onto them, feeling ostracized from society because I was different. With online support now I don't, I feel vindicated and not alone anymore.
3 years ago
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