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Look at all the health shows on TV now. Dr. Oz for one. I don't even watch those because I know what it will do. We have to teach ourselves that using Google or watching any of those shows will only do us harm. It's like sticking metal into a outlet. You know it's going to give you one heck of a shock so we... [read more]
Started by Jackeline.
My health anxiety slowly began on a dreadful oct 1st 2012. I was in a minor hit and run accident and was diagnosed with minor whiplash injury. October all the way to December, got tired of neck pain...but still managing well. December of 2012 my mother was diagnosed with cancer and my life has not been the same since. I have... [read more]
Started by xfilme.
Yeah unfortunately I have to admit growing up - due to social media and the such- I associated "crazy" to "hypochondriac". I feel bad about it now , a little education goes a LOGN way - and nothing is a better teacher than going through it yourself.
Started by xfilme.

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