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Agoraphobia Support Group
Sunday, 16 October 2011
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AnxietySocialNet is the Agoraphobia support group available for you

Are you searching for other people as you troubled with Agoraphobia? Wish to write about your experiences and help other people being affected by Agoraphobia?

AnxietySocialNet certainly is the world's fastest growing online social networking and support group for people being affected by Agoraphobia.

Our online community has been built upon the approach that sharing you experiences and talking with people, who comprehend you the most, is one of the most effectives methods to take care of Agoraphobia.

You aren’t the first, or the last, individual being affected by Agoraphobia and therefore you are able to use others’ experiences in order to help you rise above your Agoraphobia.

Our support page creates an opportunity for an easy exchange of experiences and guidance. You are able to join the AnxietySocialNet in order to either give or receive support, and you can choose to make your interactions private (through private chats) or publicly (through discussion board).

In AnxietySocialNet you have the opportunity to help keep a diary exactly where you can publish your experiences, share how well you're progressing and maybe inspire other individuals in a moment of need.

You'll be also able to share articles, photos, video and much more, that will make your social experience a lot richer and will permit you to link and interact fully with other people.

We encourage you to use your real identity and pictures on your profile since we believe that putting yourself available can have also therapeutic value. Nevertheless, in the event you would prefer to remain anonymous, that is feasible and totally up to you.

Sign up now at no cost to our Agoraphobia support group!

  • HAHA! 108 members and not posts for over a year! Probably because we're all a bunch of agoraphobics, no? ;-)
    groups.wall 254 days ago
    kylelanglois I'm not an agoraphobic, I just have issues.254 days ago
  • How many people are in this group?
    groups.wall 709 days ago
  • I'm about 80% recovered now. It is entirely thanks to my pet rats! The little buggers are so prone to illness, I had to make so many trips to the vets, I often didn't have any choice about going out. When the only options are indulge your anxiety and let a beloved pet suffer, or fight through the panic and help them- the choice is often made for you. They had no idea how they changed my life
    groups.wall 808 days ago
  • Anyone here watch the show Shameless on Showtime? One of the characters suffers from agoraphobia. Though it's approached in a rather comedic tone, the writers do show the disorder justice in some scenes and just how terrifying the reality of it can be. Those that I have seen commenting online about the topic in the show have showed great sympathy for us agoraphobics.
    groups.wall 826 days ago
    billbobaggins lol Bob i remember Cosi.551 days ago


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This hasn't been posted in for a while, but I figured I'd give it a shot. When I get panic attacks, I tend to completely tear myself up. I beat myself up for things I thought I had gotten over, but they come back when I have a panic attack as though I had done nothing to resolve my feelings. For example, about a month ago... [read more]
Last replied by ambie630 on Wednesday, 07 August 2013

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