GeneralizedGeneralized Anxiety Disorder Support

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Support
Sunday, 16 October 2011
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AnxietySocialNet is the Generalized Anxiety Disorder support group for your needs

Are you looking for other people as you affected by Generalized Anxiety Disorder? Want to talk about your experiences and help others experiencing Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

AnxietySocialNet stands out as the world's fastest growing online social network and support group for anyone experiencing Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Our community has been built upon the thought that sharing you experiences and chatting with people, who understand you probably the most, is one of the most effectives methods to handle Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

You aren’t the very first, or the last, individual experiencing Generalized Anxiety Disorder as a consequence you can use others’ experiences to be able to help you defeat your Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Our support page provides an easy exchange of experiences and advice. You can join the AnxietySocialNet in order to either give or obtain support, and you can choose to create your interactions private (through private chats) or publicly (through discussion board).

In AnxietySocialNet you have the opportunity to help keep a diary exactly where you are able to write your experiences, share how well you're progressing and perhaps inspire other individuals in a moment of need.

You'll be also able to share articles, photos, video and much more, which will make your social expertise much richer and definately will allow you to connect and interact fully with other users.

We encourage you to make use of your actual identity and photos on your profile since we think that putting yourself out there can have also therapeutic value. Nevertheless, in the event you would prefer to stay anonymous, that's feasible and totally up to you.

Sign up now at no cost to our Generalized Anxiety Disorder support group!

  • Hello all, I just joined. I was diagnosed with GAD about half a year ago and have been on the waiting list for treatment ever since. I am looking for tips for dealing with my anxiety problems and hope to be able to help other people too. There don't seem to be any recent posts in this group, is it still active?
    groups.wall 247 days ago
    2bFearless Hello there and welcome to the site. This is a very good site. It has helped me out a lot. I also have GAD/panic attacks. Just post what is on your mind and you will get feedback. Also there are a few of us that direct message each other to help each other out. It is an active and great group. I also help others cope threw this threw a 10 week class my mentor is doing. It's great to help other that go threw this. :)247 days ago
  • Just joined. I was diagnosed in December but I've had GAD for a least a few years.
    groups.wall 359 days ago
  • Hello all. Just joined group and hope everyone is feeling good today!!
    groups.wall 438 days ago
    titchy Hi Shawn, welcome to ASN.438 days ago
  • hi all im new to this group hope to meet some nice people along the way. hope everyone is doing well
    groups.wall 537 days ago
    mckinleyma Welcome Curtis!537 days ago
  • Hi i've been dealing with gad for as long as I can remember but haven't been diagnosed yet.
    groups.wall 541 days ago
    bkbkj my psych told me that gad is the hardest anxiety order to deal with because your "anxiety is floating". it can be so hard at times but we still keep going. we are strong even if it seems just the opposite. take care!!541 days ago
  • Hi!
    groups.wall 633 days ago
    babsie94 I've had GAD issues for as long as I can remember, but was diagnosed about 7 years ago.632 days ago
  • groups.wall 713 days ago
  • Hi all :)
    groups.wall 726 days ago
  • I have had GAD most of my life.Its gotten Worse in last couple of years.I deal with it with it with pills and church.
    groups.wall 728 days ago
    Missy I have suffered about all my life to. And through the years mine has gotten worse too.728 days ago
  • I have had GAD for over 10+ years. It has ruled my life for too long. I'm ready to beat it!
    groups.wall 761 days ago
    groups.wall 764 days ago


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I'm trying to get into a habit of excercise. I danced when I was younger which is probably why it didn't get so bad back then. Now my dog is actually pretty useful. I'll love on her and talk to her and it helps. She's the main reason I go outside everyday as well.
Last replied by kb4306 on Monday, 29 April 2013
yes its very common. I should probably be embarrassed to say this, but there have been a few instances where i have had anxiety and could not get to a bathroom and i have pooed my pants :(
Last replied by Tmorrison4668 on Friday, 09 November 2012
Nikki Naturopath
Would you mind if I asked what herbs you were prescribed? They may have been in tincture form which is not as strong as fluid extracts....
Last replied by Nikki Naturopath on Friday, 02 November 2012

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