WhatWhat Movies Do You Like?

What Movies Do You Like?
Thursday, 10 May 2012
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Like the music group i am keen to compile a list of movies everyone is into and perhaps if your comfortable with sharing, why that movie has significance to you. Cool

  • Bob
    Watched a bit of the re-make of the 80's movie Fright Night last night.....anyway, i was more into Werewolves and it reminded me of this movie from 1984. The Company of Wolves. http://youtu.be/Tc9m36FW8bI
    groups.wall 127 days ago
    Hope Springs Eternal I haven't seen that film in years. But I am a fan of Angela Carter's writing.127 days ago
  • Bob
    This is a brilliant movie. Australian and New Zealand made.
    The Navigator. A Medieval Odyssey. http://youtu.be/gPLualk3hIw
    groups.wall 207 days ago
  • Bob
    Great 1985 movie from New Zealand called The Quiet Earth.
    groups.wall 241 days ago
  • Bob
    This is one of my favourite Italian movies. Dellamorte Dellamore (Cemetery Man). It's a bit bizarre and has twisted humour but also a strange unexpected ending. http://youtu.be/XbQaRP0m2HE
    groups.wall 241 days ago
  • Bob
    Watched this again on TV the other night. Great movie although a bit violent. English film Bronson - http://youtu.be/GMJ1c3qxOWc
    groups.wall 254 days ago
  • I stayed up all night yesterday to see this wonderful movie with Charlie Chaplin - Limelight www.imdb.com/title/tt0044837/ This is a very motivational movie about life and the faith of two people who meets under the same circumstances, the one of giving up on life, but continuing to fight in the hope that life is still something worth fighting for.
    groups.wall 313 days ago
    I like him by all means, he was so genius and the subjects of his movies seem so current. I find him very inspiring, he had a certain sensibility to what I find myself in too. Tonight I want to watch another movie of him..I did not chose it yet, but I think I will watch modern times again. Good to see you Titchy, I hope you are well!!313 days ago
  • Bob
    A clip from one of my favourite movies Mad Max. http://youtu.be/UqzJkl1vV7I
    groups.wall 323 days ago
  • A clip from Amelie. Another movie I feel like I can relate to. Especially her child hood.
    groups.wall 360 days ago
    This movie is adorable, I like your tastes, April!357 days ago
  • I watched the movie "Take This Waltz" with Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen in it last night. Amazingly beautiful indie romcom. I related so much to it, I couldn't help, but cry. Especially this scene here with Sarah Silverman. (Sorry for the poor quality. This is the only clip of the scene I could find.)
    groups.wall 360 days ago
    this one is next on my movie list now:D the same director made also the movie Mr Nobody, a great movie about the choices we make in life357 days ago
  • Bob
    This a clip from my all time favourite Australian cult movies from the 70's called OZ-A rock & roll road movie. (CONTAINS COARSE LANGUAGE) http://youtu.be/yWpe3a8-2hg
    groups.wall 362 days ago
  • Bob
    Aliens(number 2) I love that movie...."My mommy told me there were no monsters"....I totally freaked out some people on the train station one evening(I was a bit out of it mentally) I was walking along saying "They mostly come at night, mostly"
    groups.wall 396 days ago
  • Bob
    This has got to be among my top movies from the 80's, The Dark Crystal - http://youtu.be/HHzs1tVaIf4
    groups.wall 398 days ago


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