LifeLife Coach is here to listen

Life Coach is here to listen
Tuesday, 22 May 2012
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  • Are you there? Where is everybody?
    groups.wall 613 days ago
    I just seen down a toolbar who says if one of your friends is online, I have to get used with it.611 days ago
  • regrets later on down the line. her father and ucle both have sagittal cranio and have lived normal lives but risking what could happen is just not an option for me even thought im scare shit less.... deep breaths surgery is two weeks and 5 days away . im an emotional mess. i almost feel crazy .
    groups.wall 643 days ago
  • my daughter is about to undergo cranio vault remodeling i cant help but be highly anxious depressed scared and every other emotion in the book. she has craniosyntosis her sagittal suture close in the womb and has casude soem skull and facial deformities. my bab my poor baby i can help but think im am putting her through torture even thought i knwo the risks of no having the surgery and i'd have...
    groups.wall 643 days ago


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