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issues with harm-type ocd issues

help!! I get sooo scared cause I think bad thoughts about people. i talked to my therapist and she agreed i'm not dangerous,and I'd never act on those thoughts and she's going to try to get me on a medication for anxiety or OCD.
But it's just so scary cause I'm getting new thoughts. Some thoughts I don't want to share with others for fear they'll misunderstand and think I'm a crimnal.
I worry I don't worry enough, actually. For example, one time when I thought I might be responsible if someone died, I had a break down and cried and cried. Now my reaction is more of "no that's not true," like I process it all in my mind and I have a panic attack, but my anxiety has improved. but I worry that I need to worry basically.
I just imagine these awful things and try to convince myself I'd never do them, o tell myself "don't even think that," and it's pretty upsetting.
Category: OCD 7 years ago
Asked 7 years ago

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