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unable to forget bad past

I met with a very embarrassing situation nearly two years ago but I am still unable to forget it , every day it pokes me as if it has happened just yesterday . I want to know how to move on ?
Category: OCD 5 years ago
Asked 5 years ago

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i think the best way to move on from an embarrassing moment is talking about it with people you trust. and then choose to focus on the present. i love that quote that says something like "there's a reason why the rear view mirror is small compared to your front wind shield." your past is just a guide for today. :)
Answered 5 years ago

I hate when this happens. They usually hit me in the car on my way to and from work. The best and hardest thing is to keep thinking about, like beck said talk to someone you trust. Talk about it and think about so much that after awhile you be come desensitized to the information. That the next time you think about it you have no mental obsession over it. Easier said than done.
Answered 5 years ago

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