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Does anyone have any idea why my anxiety has suddenly gotten worse?

I'm twenty-one years old and I've only recently been diagnosed with Generalize Anxiety Disorder (GAD) three years ago. I've always suffered from a mild form of anxiety all my life, however. Just within the last month my mild to moderate anxiety turned into severe anxiety. For example, in all the time I've had anxiety, I never had anything close to a panic attack. Just within the last three days, however, I've had sudden spikes in my anxiety that border on the edge of being classified as panic attacks. I don't think they're actual attacks because I don't experience the typical symptoms, but the amount of anxiety I experience is that intense. My anxiety never used to bother me at work, but now it has suddenly started attacking me at work, at home, while I'm's like I can't escape it.

What I want to know is why has my anxiety turned from mild to moderate to severe? Is it because two of my closest relatives died within a month of each other last year (one in December on Christmas Eve day and one in February)? I know I slipped into a severe depression, something I've never experienced before, that lasted for three months--I lost a lot of weight, I wasn't sleeping, I wasn't eating, and I certainly wasn't living. It got to the point where I almost fainted at work because my body was too weak to function correctly. I even ended up pulling out of school, something that I used to enjoy immensely even though it placed a lot of stress on me, because I was too stressed out about everything else. Could this prolonged period of stress and depression have caused something in my mind to snap and lead to this sudden increase in anxiety?
Category: G.A.D 7 years ago
Asked 7 years ago

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Our family experienced 3 deaths last year within 4 months. As families do, we attended services and then went about our lives as normally as possible. My anxiety peaked after the last death in June. I experienced many panic attacks and found that I was anxious all the time. I don't think I allowed myself to actually grieve and it caught up with me. Found myself preoccupied with death/dying. I've been to my doctor, have been seeing a therapist, and taking mild meds. It has helped some, but I still need to come to terms with my fears. See a therapist if you possibly can. It takes time, but you will feel better. Good luck to you
Answered 7 years ago

These events certainly could have increased your levels of anxiety. I remember a TV show quote that I will paraphrase: genes load the gun, environment aims, and psychology pulls the trigger". What do I mean? It sounds as if you might have always had high trait anxiety. That's not a disorder, just an aspect of your personality. Then, you experienced two tragedies clos together. Then it was likely that you viewed the deaths in a way that diminished closure or caused a negative worldview. (The greater my sadness, the more I show I loved them; They could have prevented there deaths if they only... I can't make those mistakes; etc.). Now, do I absolutely know that this is the truth? Not really. But my point is that your losses could certainly have triggered your current problems. Only you can decide if you need professional help.
Answered 7 years ago

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