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How is your Anxiety Exposure going?

I've finally gotten organized to start an anxiety exposure program, and am just wondering if anyone else out there is currently starting, or in the midst, of a similar exposure program? I've been aware of CBT methods through therapy sessions before, and have even tried "incremental exposure work" in the past. The hardest part for me is getting organized--I would spend so much time planning (i.e., thinking over and over what I should do) that I never actually started. Thankfully, I found a wonderful online site called They've really lit a fire under my exposure work because they have print versions of exposure and anxious thought sheets. I've spent the last 2 weeks recording my thoughts in their program (it's free!) and am just beginning my first exposure week. If anyone out there is in the throes of an exposure program, I'd really appreciate your insight. What keeps you motivated? Do you need organization like me, or other people to attend functions with you? I'd love to talk about exposure with any members who are on the fence about it, don't know what it is, or are succeeding at their own regimen. Thanks, and I hope all's well! :)
Category: Therapy 7 years ago
Asked 7 years ago

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I haven't followed a CBT program, though I would like it. For the moment I limit myself on meeting the people who knows me really good, though I know it is not always okay to do this, but I try to be as nice as possible. The second thing on exposing myself is when I do something all alone, like travelling, driving the bicycle around the city and sometimes also going to church. I know how important is exposure for me, but I also need to keep in mind that not everything is suitable to do for me and those around me, I mean about doing whatever I want, to take things for granted, this would be clasiffied as I use people, which is not true. I try to be around them, when they call me or need me, I don't invite myself to any party!
Answered 7 years ago

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