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How did you lose your birth-right identity?

Since, 2001, I have been asking people living with mental illnesses and without, The person you are being is this the real you? How would you know the real you? Have you ever tried to find out how you became you? Are you acting on your best intentions or for other people? Do you need recognition and attention when doing something? How did you end up in this situation? Know this thoughts and thinking will not turn off a panic tic or get rid of your anxiety. It requires action, meaning get outside and find something you have never done before and continue to do things you have never done before.
The mind will run wild as long as you continue to repeat the things from days past. Explore your five senses. Take risk! Be curious and fascinated about everything around you.
Category: Therapy 10 years ago
Asked 10 years ago

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Is this the real me? Yes it is. A square peg in a round world who stopped a long time ago trying to be the person everyone wants me to be.
Answered 9 years ago

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