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I'm feeling suicidal can't seem to solve nothing

Even though I don't want to kill myself but my problems aren't going to be solved so I'm feeling suicidal I'm feeling suicidal because I can't seem to solve my problems with this extreme social and anxiety issues I'm a man and it seems not so promising anymore it's been like this since 2008 since I started thinking more like a adult and now I'm 22 but about to turn 23 on June 15th I don't have any friends girlfriends I'm so lonely I can't seem to keep a job without feeling uncomfortable I think about what people says and it causes mild paranoia I really don't know what to do kinda getting depressing and tiring because I'm fighting to be normal yet I continue to lose and I don't want to keep pushing through life just to fail over and over again.
Category: Advice 6 years ago
Asked 6 years ago

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I understand you completely. I don't want to kill myself, but I have reached a point of utter despair. I think about suicide, but it's not something I know I will do. But that still doesn't get rid of thinking about's more of, I don't want to live like this or live at all. I have a boyfriend and friends and family yet I feel one really understands my problems, I talk to them, but how can they really understand unless they are going thru it? I'm to stubborn to end it (also pretty religious) it's just this feeling of overwhelming hopelessness. I feel for you so much, going thru this...I'm here...and I'm hoping finding someone else in the dark might help
Answered 6 years ago

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