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Sleeping Disturbances

Does anyone get this? When I fall asleep at night about 15-20 mins in, I wake up and I feel very off. I am heavy and I feel very slow. It happens many times during the week. After it happens I can then finally fall asleep however not until 2 or 3 in the morning. I feel as if I am going to drop dead right there. I do not know what it is or what its called. It is almost as if my mind cannot transition from being awake to falling asleep and my body does. It is terrifying.
Category: Bizarre 7 years ago
Asked 7 years ago

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Hey Larcyn, I actually have had the same problem for the last couple of weeks. That's one the reasons why I joined this page last night. I was up by 6 am in the morning. Thoughts kept swirling in my mind, and my body kept moving around in discomfort. I was consumed by thoughts. It's very frustrating since I had a very a long week and I wanted to get some rest last night but couldn't. I'm not sure what we can do to overcome this. At least, we are alone. What I've tried last week was to get some studying done late at night until I dozed off. I read mostly from my notebook, and turned off all electronic devices. By 12am, I had fallen asleep.
Answered 7 years ago

I am a bit unsure of what you are describing precisely so I will offer up a few suggestions. 1) Medication. If you have recently changed medicines or dosages, this may be a side effect. I experienced sleep disturbances while on fluoxetine (Prozac). I talked to my psychiatrist and have switched prescriptions, and now I sleep regularly. 2) It is possible that you have a parasomnia, a sleep disorder. For example, sleep paralysis is engaged during REM sleep to prevent people from acting out there dreams. It's possible that you are experiencing partial or total sleep paralysis prior to entering REM sleep, so you are aware that you can't move. 3) Derealization/depersonalization. All these terms refer to is the experience that either the world or you or not fully present or "real", hence the terms. A person experiencing these feel extremely detached, and may even have difficulty with physical coordination.These sensations can happen when under extreme stress, due to a pre-existing mental illness, or if recurrent enough can be a mental disorder on their own. However, these sensations can typically happen at any time, not just during sleep.
Answered 7 years ago

I had many of these issues, plus sleep walking. I gave my wife two black eyes (she did a hell of a job explaining the injuries to her co-workers....or how I would explain it to the cops once hand cuffed after being tasered several times), I tore my left knee up (the x-ray would of made you cringe) and I smashed my nose bad enough to have 2 hours of surgery to rebuild it. Yes, I slept through these injuries. I ended up taking a sleep study. Found out that I was only getting level 1 sleep, no REM sleep. They estimated I was getting about 1 hour of sleep a night for the last 6 months. I now take clonazepam (a variation of valium that is typically a med for treating sleep disorders) and now I go through the normal cycles of sleep and I feel great every morning waking up. BTW, I still am a little bit active at night, but mostly talking in my sleep and an occasional siting up but no more walking. Also, I had two strokes in 2014 and I cannot go to sleep without aids. I take a muscle relaxant that knocks me out in 20 minutes. It keeps me calm for 3-4 hours then the talking starts.
Answered 5 years ago

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