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How do you all feel about your psych doctors?

My psychiatrist, the only doctor I've seen who I liked, is getting on my nerves all the time lately. She cuts me off, answers Qs before she lets me finish asking them (and her assumptions are incorrect), she blows off a lot of my concerns, she doesn't know the answer to some of my Qs and tells me common sense stuff I figured out on my own. I get really angry when she doesn't warn me about potential (and potentially serious) side effects that common sense should dictate that I am going to be especially at risk. She did not warn me about severe anxiety as side effect to Cymbalta, even when I mentioned the anxiety the first time. She gave me nothing to help it but basically called me a substance abuser for taking 1-2mg of Xanax here and there, when she originally RXed it to me at 6mg daily. But, she gave me no alternative. I told her it was unbearable (I never say that) but she basically ignored me because it should go away after a few weeks. I'd like to see her waking up in panic that lasts for hours for 4-6ish weeks and see how she feels then about either me taking Xanax or her giving me something else.
Anyone else this frustrated? Or have a good doctor (because I think that may be a myth)?
Category: Treatments 6 years ago
Asked 6 years ago

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