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Any ways on how to feel more comfortable or reduce uneasiness when with other people?

Whenever I'm with other people or especially boys (I don't know, I really feel uneasy with boys... and I don't have any idea what's the reason behind it.). I feel uneasy or awkward I end up doing weird things making other people terrified of me! :'( Is there any ways I can reduce my nervousness whenever I'm with other people? :)
Category: Symptoms 8 years ago
Asked 8 years ago

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Learn how to breathe properly. When your breath is irregular the nervous centers in the heart send a message to the brain that you have something to fear and therefore it has to initiate a flight or fight response. So, the brain shuts off all other areas and maintains on only the ones related to flight or fight. This might be the reason you might be acting awkward, the brain shuts down the areas that manage your behavior. Learning to breathe and controlling your heart will help you controlling your behavior and emotional state around other people.
Answered 8 years ago

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