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just anxiety?

I don't know where these symptoms are just anxiety or something else:
3.panic attacks
4.loss of will, loss of interest
5.difficulty concentrating
6.light is too bright for me sometimes
7.I sleep a lot,like 10 hours a day or more
8.I have weird phobias:I'm afraid of people,I'm afraid of crossing bridges,because I think I'm going to jump of it,so I start running,afraid of death,but somehow want to die,etc.
9.I constantly watch my hands,I used to do that also when I was a kid
10.sometimes I feel like people,even my parents are like in a movie,or they plotting to do something bad to me,although I know that is my imagination
11.numbness in fingers
12.heart pounding very fast mouth are dry most of the time
14.sometimes I'm lost in space.disoriented...don't know if even my room is where I'm time I didn't know how to get out of the mall,even though I knew the place very well.
Please help. Thank you.
Category: Symptoms 6 years ago
Asked 6 years ago

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As usual, it's best to discus your concerns with your doctor, it sounds like fairly typical anxiety, but to be safest, talk to a doctor, he/she may be able to prescribe medication to help relieve some of the symptoms. . Of your itemized symptoms, I have the following to say: Derealization, I have struggled with this on and off over the years. Panic Attacks, no one that hasn't experienced one will ever understand these. Loss of concentration. My therapist said we have a working memory, it's limited. The more we're anxious, the more crowded the working memory is, and the less we can concentrate. Fear of bridges, I had this when much younger, and the city is nothing but bridges, I got over it when going to Tech School and walking with others day after day at lunch over the bridge near the school. I always feel like I'm being drawn off of heights, and have spoken to others that have similar feelings, I think it's pretty natural. Numbness in fingers, and a dry mouth, I wonder if you're hyperventilating. Do a little research on correct breathing, it can often help you to relax.
Answered 6 years ago

It is a process I think it is maturity:D In time I had learn to adjust to it. Don't worry, listen to your body and try not to fight against it. Think of it as this is a step in your life, when you just have to rest a bit.
Answered 6 years ago

Sorry about the smiley face there, I actually wanted to make this one :D Your problem is serious, because of too much stress you had in the past, now you have to slow down a bit. Take care Isabelle!
Answered 6 years ago

I actually just can't type that emoticon here, but I hope you understand my message
Answered 6 years ago

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