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Anybody having tightness all over their body from anxiety?

I've been suffering from extreme tightnsss all over my body that is gradually subsiding after a year but seems to be somewhat caused by anxiety. Yoga and massage therapy have been helping as well as breath work but I would be curious if anyone else has symptoms like this and what things they are doing to help. Any medications helpful? I've tried a little bit of Valium on and off but other than that not on anything. I've had anxiety attacks in the past and for a period was using Xanax so I do have a history of anxiety. Just wondering if this is related to anxiety or something else going on. Thanks ... Alex
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Asked 5 years ago

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Many people wonder what the difference is between a panic attack and an anxiety attack. Both can start out the same way but they’re couldn’t be more different. The onset can be instantaneous or a gradual thing that isn’t realized until you’ve reached critical mass. At the peak you will feel fear that you may or may not know the source of. You may feel your heart rate racing and that you have to urinate and possibly defecate. You may feel dry mouth and chest pains your whole body may feel incredibly tense. You may have sensitivity to sounds even small ones like doors opening or closing can have you jumping out of your skin. The good news for those suffering a panic attack this will be over in under an hour in most cases. Those who suffer anxiety can suffer for days at a time. During anxiety attacks you will find it very hard to sleep, eat or drink. You will feed the anxiety with “What if,” thinking and over analyzing things. There is a rational part of your brain that you know is there but your anxious part is in full control and even though you know in the rational part of your mind that the fears are completely unfounded you can’t shut them off. If you have the chest pains, what if I’m having a heart attack? If you’re stomach hurts, what if I have cancer? From there the questions get even worse and the possible outcomes are even more far stretched. If you know the trigger you will obsess over it and no matter what you do your mind will be drawn back to that problem and blow it out of proportion. For instance you get a court summons for a minor problem. That in the hands of someone with an anxiety disorder can feel like a death sentence. Just the threat of getting a summons can send one into overload in a matter of seconds. Thinking about it makes it worse and even when you’ve worked it out that you aren’t in trouble and that you’re going to be fine the fire has been lit and you will have to let it burn out. An anxiety attack takes both a mental toll as well as a physical toll. When you’ve come down so to speak you will feel depressed and tired. The desire to eat and drink are suppressed and your body feels like it has been running an obstacle course. The first time I had an anxiety attack it lasted two weeks and I lost 35 LBS. I was admitted to a hospital and they gave me a benzo and that stopped the attack. One milligram of Ativan was like the hand of god coming through me. I felt my body relaxing around me in under five minutes. I slept for two days straight afterward and it took me another week before I could eat and drink regularly again. Here it is about eleven years later and I’m still not free from them. The doctor feels that since they can’t determine the trigger and the attacks come on without warning or reason that my case may be a form of epilepsy. I just don’t have seizures I just have attacks instead. I’ve been to the hospital on numerous times because of the chest pains. The good news is that the full blown attacks don’t happen very often anymore. I still get horrible episodes and occasionally I get a real bad one. Now that I’m under the care of a doctor and I’ve managed to pick up some tricks here and there I can take the worst of the worst and stop it in about a day or so and the smaller ones can be taken care of in a matter of a few hours. The tricks are breathing exercises to start. That is the most important thing to give your brain and body plenty of oxygen. Very slow deep breaths that last six seconds each are the start of controlling the attack. Two seconds inhaling through the nose and four seconds exhaling through the mouth. Make sure you breathe through your belly and not your chest. The next is muscle relaxation this one is tougher than breathing you tense your body in stages and relax the parts. During a rather severe attack you may find that if you started at your feet by the time you’ve relaxed your face your feet are tense again. Just keep breathing slowly and restart the exercise. The last and most difficult are the mental exercises that you have to do and they’re much harder and honestly I have yet to master them. You must clear your mind and force it not to think about the issue at hand. Send it down paths that aren’t stressful though your anxious mind will try to throw stress into anything. I’m atop a mountain. The anxiety will let you know that you’ll probably have a heart attack from the climb or the descent. You’re standing by a stream, it could flood and sweep you away and you drown. These are extreme examples but your anxious mind will see them as completely logical. If you managed to fall asleep during an attack you’ll more than likely awaken to saturated sheets and pillow from night sweats. Benzos or Benzodiazepines as they’re medically known will take the edge off after a few months but they won’t stop them anymore. Another drawback is that you become addicted to them and stopping cold turkey can hurt or kill you. It takes about a month of use to get addicted to them and some people never stop taking them for life. They also can damage your liver if you drink while taking them. Anxiety is being studied and you should know that there are tons of snake oil salesmen out there selling herbal treatments. There are ways to tell if something works. The number one way is if the product makes the news. There are millions of people who suffer from anxiety and the thought of a miracle herbal drug that will cure you is something that would make national news if they had real scientific studies that prove that it’s effective. Search for product reviews from real people. If all of the reviews are on the website of the person who made the drug you can pretty much rule the product out. Also if you find twenty blogs that talk about this miracle cure that all have links to where to get the drug you can bet that it’s fake and last if you can’t find any negative reviews on the product you can bet it’s 100% fake. With 0 negative reviews a drug that cures General Anxiety Disorder would be front page news. I hope that this helps some people who suffer from this and I pray that one day I will take my last benzo and live a normal life again for many years. If you are having problems like this go and see a doctor there’s no shame in it and if you do as you’re told you will feel better. You may never feel perfect again but at least you don’t have to fight the constant battle.
Answered 5 years ago

When I'm very anxious the muscles all over my body stiffen up, and I hate it because it makes just about any action look unnatural and a big thing for me is I don't want anyone else, even strangers, to know that I'm anxious because it really embarrasses me.
Answered 5 years ago

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