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Can anxiety cause pain in forearms

My forearm of late is paining ... and Having muscle aches as well...
please reply if you've ever experienced this
Category: Symptoms 5 years ago
Asked 5 years ago

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The thing with anxiety is it's much like us having a bottle of fizzy drink. When you shake this bottle around and open it, the drink goes everywhere. With anxiety we are tensing up our bodies generally, and forcing whatever unpleasant feelings we have down. This causes us to get stiffness, and headaches. I always advise that if you have a feeling your not sure check in with your doc. I used to get pain in my shoulders and my whole body would get really stiff. Again this is just because when you are anxious your body is under tension, and that is usually why you get things like pain in your forearms etc. Hope that helps and answers your question a bit.
Answered 5 years ago

I agree with shaan. I don't get forearm pain but I do get pain in my neck sometimes. That's from my body stiffing up because I'm anxious I think.
Answered 5 years ago

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