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HELP ME GUYS !!!!!!!!!!!!

It all begon when smoking a Joint. It was my first... A trip to hell ! I was dieing, heart was almost exploding becouse of the high speed, Worst panic attack ever! Living nightmare.... Next day i woke up and felt GREAT ! I was out the nightmare ! YESS !! The same day in the restaurant i felt a weird upcoming feeling, i concentrated on all the voices i heard mixing in the restaurant, and felt a panic attack rushing and wanting to break trough. I runned to the toilet and the panic attack didn't break trough.. I felt normal.. i read some info on the internet and i said it can be a ' Flashback from a Badtrip ' becouse the THC is still in your blood.. well, i felt great for 4 months without Panicattacks, fear, stress.. Everything was back to normal ! UNTILL I got attacked by a gang of 5 African Junkies.. i had to run for my life and they knew where i lived ! I was scared ! I had Adrenaline for 6 hours when i escaped and got home.. My heart was pounding.. Another Panic Attack.. The next Day i could not look to Colorfull things and could not listen to music or birds who are singing, it felt like my Nervous system was SHARPER THEN SHARP, i had to sit in the dark ! And had Panic attacks EVERYDAY, for 6 MONTHS ! I'm light headed, dizzy, depersonalisated or something like that, i feel like living in a dream.. I feel like shit and i worry alot , that its forever ! I don't know what triggerd this... the weed ??? Or the Adrenaline from the Dangerous Situation.. i don't know what to think.. i'm Hyperventilating everyday and i have pain on my breasts. What can i do ? Right now i'm on Anti depressiva ( SSRI ) And i didn't have panic attacks for months . But i still worry and don't like living. I'm still kinda sad & think that when i stop with the pill everything will go back to a HELL ! i'm still dizzy, light headed, somethimes i fear my thoughts ! somethimes i think im gonna attack my mom becouse im going crazy, i make myself scared ! WHAT CAN I DO ? AND IS THIS BECOUSE OF THE JOINT OR THE SCARY SITUATION ? ANSWERS PLEASE !
Category: Social Anxiety 6 years ago
Asked 6 years ago

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Sounds like there is some PTSD going on there. Get help ASAP!
Answered 6 years ago

yes i believe it stems from the joint, esp if its your first time ever. the gang chasing just heightened everything to the maxium. i also agree you need help by a professional even if only temp. a dr gave me a rx of marinol and aft my first pill 20 min later i went limp and couldnt move limbs, thankfully i was with my parents at the time. they had to drag my limp legs to another chair, my heart was racing, and my head was spinning, i was not aware of my surroundings so they called ems and all i remember is that arrived and i said my chest started hurting. apparently they took me to er and i was admitted, 2 days later i became aware of where i was but didnt know why or what happened and still dont remember. that was 4 months ago, i was told im allergic to it because its actually pot but in pill form.
Answered 5 years ago

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