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How to stop biting my nails? read description.

Hello, My name is Melina.
So of course this question should be obvious, but I'm stumped at age 20. I think it's because I always need a stress reliever. Biting my nails was one of them growing up. It was a huge problem and when I got older it got worse. I started picking at acne and getting paranoid of not looking the way on suppose to. *My back looks hideous because picking at my back relieved some stress over the years. I hate it and I want to find a long term solution to relieve anxiety stress.

*I appreciate serious and honest answers* (I realize your all not shrinks)
Category: Social Anxiety 9 years ago
Asked 9 years ago

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I'm a compulsive picker, myself. When I get very stressed out, and sometimes even when I don't see any reason that I'm stressed or even uncomfortable, I pick all the skin off of my lips. Often until they bleed. The ways I've found to tone my habit down mostly revolve around awareness. As soon as I notice that I'm doing it, I force myself to stop. I also have my boyfriend on notice that if he sees me picking at my lips to bring it to my attention. I've also tried the elastic band on the wrist bit, where you snap it whenever you catch yourself doing the undesirable action. I have found it to help, but it can leave some questionable marks on your arm, if you do the action a lot LOL. I can also see it being a problem if your mental disorder has tendencies towards hurting yourself. Hope this helps at least a little bit. It's all willpower. And it SUCKS.
Answered 9 years ago

Sorry to double post...but I wanted to mention that it also helps me not to pick my lips if there's nothing to pick. As in, when the skin is smooth, rather than chapped or cracked, I have nothing to pick at. I imagine, when it comes to your nails, at least, that if you keep them cut short enough that you can't properly bite them - it may help?
Answered 9 years ago

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