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Does anyone else fear being touched?

I dislike being touched, even by my husband sometimes. I feel paralyzed and disgusted, as well as anxious. I don't like acquaintances to try to hug me, but worse there are certain parts of my body I feel repulsed when touched. It's impossible to control and hurts my relationship with my husband. Not sure if it's common to fear touch with PTSD, depression, and anxiety.
Category: PTSD 8 years ago
Asked 8 years ago

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I never like being touched. I have experienced violence by parents and others, so as a natural state, I don't like being touched by others. I have gotten myself accept other peoples hugs, or handshakes. Beyond that, I don't even touch myself almost. o.o I don't really trust someone touching me, and it can't be helped as I have become rather misanthropic (I don't trust people). You might be misanthropic as well.. it can make you repulsed by other people. If you have experienced something that really have destroyed your trust in people, it will be hard to work around it. But I think it should work out. You love your husband right? ^^
Answered 8 years ago

Yes!! Just the other day dad moved towards me to move a piece of my hair and I jumped back. Today, we had just watched a movie and they hadn't turned the lights on yet and I was looking behind me all scared trying to make sure no one touched me. I actually have a thing for hugs, strangely enough-but only from certain people and only on my terms and my time. But I do get nervous about being touched. You are not alone.
Answered 7 years ago

A few years ago I was in an abusive relationship and we tried to make it work after I "forgave" him. Every time he touched me affectionately I would be so repulsed and literally sick to the stomach. Have you always been this way or did something cause this?
Answered 5 years ago

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