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Does everyone know PTSD is the same as PSSD? There is no treatment unfortunately. It is a brain injury. Think of it as a big ball of a 1000 wires intertwined and twisted and no space to figure out how to untie it but there are ends of wires that lead to functions. Now in that ball, the continual chronic stress whether PTSD or PSSD causes a rewiring, or arching, somewhere in that big ball of wires, usually hidden somewhere in that brain. Without tearing up the brain to find out where the bad wires are (that would be deadly), or adding wires (meds) to fix something you have no idea where the issue is, we are stuck with it and we have to morph our thinking to live with it by avoiding the triggers. Those with PTSD usually get triggered by something specific, an image, or whatever and remember the nightmare during that chronic stressful situation. PSSD are the same way just not necessarily having a nightmare recalling that stressful time. WOW. Something is wrong in the universe.... Acronyms, we live with them everyday and we hate them every day. Always amusing we know what they all mean (we think) just so we can move faster in this world, yet the masses have no clue what you are talking about. IDK. Is that I don't know or is it Intelligent Dench Knowledge (also known as modesty to you and I. I blame technology. Someone googled PTSD and PSS to find out what each one meant. Good, I like that. Well, At least the correct PTSD definition came up (check, it's been a big issue in our country as it should be).....turns out there are several meanings (or is it anti-acronyms) of PSSD, and the first one that poops up on google is Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction. Errrrrrrrr. That is not what I am looking for but I read into it and I feel for anyone who has Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction. The medical papers I read dont mention PSSD as Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction, hmm, yet by me googling it I came up with a different anti-acronym. No wonder I always say doctors are humans too, we make mistakes because we are not up with today's lingo. My PSSD is post-stroke Stress disorder, also known to some as PSSS, I have even heard it called SSS (Naa, won't touch that at all), but it is also more commonly known as PTSD as well. Hence the issue with my use of the acrynomn PSSD, has different meanings to different people in different communities. The title of my post is correct PSSD does equal PTSD (or vica versa, can't remeber) but I guess it takes a little (or a lot or access to medical journals and references) to figure this out. Hell, If i wasn't aware what the writer meant by PSSD, I too may be thinking Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction. And you wonder why our world may looked messed up at times...... hehehehehehehehe
Category: PTSD 5 years ago
Asked 5 years ago

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