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Does anyone else have a fear of elevators?

If so, what do you do in situations where they're pretty much unavoidable? What is it about them that makes you afraid? I fear the elevator's cables not working properly and the elevator plummeting uncontrollably. I avoid them at all costs, preferring to take 10 flights of stairs if I have to.
Category: Phobias 8 years ago
Asked 8 years ago

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I guess my only fear of elevators is being stuck in one. My mother has a morbid fear of escalators since childhood, she is now in her 70's and still will not use them. As for the elevator plummeting out of control, i really can't happen these days. They are equipped with a braking system to prevent it from falling. I do get anxious being in them with other people, especially small elevators. And i don't like the ones at the highrise carparks, they always stink of urine.
Answered 8 years ago

YES! I think I have a may have claustrophobia too, because whenever I'm in an elevator I panick and last summer me and my Family went to Paris, and every morning we had to take the metro... One time I got this huge attack so I ran to the stairs, trying to get up and out. My mother nor father doesn't know about my anxiety, but my best advice to the elevator thing is: Distract yourself! I'm 14 so I use my phone, I play games, look through Pictures and stuff and that helps me! Also when I'm in super markets and I get a panick attack I distract my self with something or talk alot ecause that distracts me:) Hope you can use my advice!
Answered 7 years ago

I used to suffer from this very thing!! However, I just conquered my fear. The circumstances I was in forced me conquer my fear. I started going to a new doctor. However, his office was on the 22nd floor of the medical building. The first time I went to the doctor, it was relatively easy going up the elevator. However, the difficult part was going down. I couldn't build up enough courage to go down the elevator by myself. However, I waited a few minutes walked around and then took the elevator down. It wasn't so bad!! But, the next time I went, I still felt fear. Then the following two times, I went with my mom so that helped. But now, I can go by myself and I experience no fear. The one thing you have to tell yourself is, "This will go by quick." You will be in and out quicker than you think! :)
Answered 7 years ago

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