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My fear

Not much of a question but sort of support for some maybe, showing you that anxiety can cause some pretty un-realistic fears that we CAN overcome (: so my anxiety all began during a panic attack while high on marijuana. My mother had recently died , and I had starting smoking shortly after and continued for about 5 months, until one night I got my hands on the strongest Strain around, and smoked wayy to much of it. Had a huge panic attack lasting 4 hours that I could shake off because I was high. So ever since then, I have had the biggest fear of weed. Yes. Harmless I know, but I can't count how many snacks (cookies , brownies, even store bought candies like skittles, recees) I have denied due to fear they might be laced, and I might have to experience that again. I'm also always scared when around people I know are high. I won't touch them or anything they have touched because thc leaves the body in sweat and I'm scared that touching there swear will send the thc into me (which is so highly unlikely)but maybe reading this will help some people see how stupid anxiety can be at times. God luck to all of you in recovery ! I know I'm on the road there right now! Also to those who didn't know, marijuana may help at times, but just a little too much and all the adverse effects you never thought were possie will be unleashed on you right away. I'm not agains pot, but advise any of you on this website to stay away. It is a trigger jn those who are prone to anxiety!!!
Category: Phobias 7 years ago
Asked 7 years ago

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I'm not sure pot is harmless. The problem with marijuana is that it's not manufactured under any specific guidelines. The whole concept of medical marijuana is a joke for that reason alone. The component in it used for its therapeutic value has been extracted and marketed in the U.S. as Marinol. . My point is that all medications are manufactured under strict guidelines in certified facilities, not grown by the guy down the street that may be doing any number of things with his "crop". If Marinol was somehow deficient, pharmaceutical companies could design medication needed to address those needs. Ultimately, they will produce an oral or injectable drug that is manufactured under controlled conditions and dosages. . Anxiety and obsession are related but distinct from each other. People can have one, the other, or both. You and I seem to have both. If you're avoiding store bought packages due to a fear of them being laced I would not worry about that. If you are talking about not accepting these foods from friends known to use drugs, you may be making the right choice. For the vast majority of drugs that I'm aware of, casually touching someone sweating will not contaminate you. . With Anxiety and Obsessions comes irrational fears. On YouTube is a video of a woman afraid of clowns. To us it's laughable, certainly not to her. We all may fear things that others don't and they fear things we don't, it's part of being human. I work around big guys that like to do the macho thing, they stand bravely against other guys they have disagreements with, but let a tiny bee enter the scene and they're running away from it trying to swat it away. Quite comical. . Keep up the great work, nice contribution for ASN.
Answered 7 years ago

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