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Does anyone else get anxious when eating in front of others and lose their appetite?

Okay so sometimes, when I'm around people I have recently found myself unable to order food infront of someone and get extremely anxious doing so and also eating in front of someone. This have been more of an issue with my boyfriend and i because as much as i know he is not going to judge me for eating around him (especially when its just us two), my brain physically tells me otherwise and i completely lose all of my appetite only for it to be replaced with a feeling of anxiousness and sometimes sickness. I always get nervous even though I know I dont need to be, but i can not control this and i am struggling with this idea because it then panics me that people may think i have an eating disorder or my friends may think i am trying to lose weight when i am not. I find it easier to eat snacky foods sometimes, but meals are especially difficult for me to finish and now i have let this problem take over a bit i sometimes skip lunch or make excuses for why i dont want food when i go places, because i know it will only go to waste if i cant eat it. Does anyone else experience this, and how do i overcome it without having panic attacks etc...? x
Category: Phobias 4 years ago
Asked 4 years ago

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