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How long does it take to acquire ssi?

Hi I'm new to this website. This is my first question. I don't have much medical history of my illness. I did go to the doctor, but just one day. I also went to MHMR for 3 weeks. Do you think that is enough for me to obtain ssi? I applied for it 3 weeks ago. I really want SSI for Medicaid more than the money.
Category: Agoraphobia 7 years ago
Asked 7 years ago

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I was denied SSI and SSD. My wonderful lawyer's office has not told me anything since I was denied a month ago and time is running out for me to appeal. I sent the papers to the lawyer's office who was supposed to forward them to the SS. I have been told that almost everyone gets denied the first time.
Answered 7 years ago

I applied in December and a couple of weeks ago got a denial letter, I just appealed and it could take another 3-6 months to get an answer from that, I could get denied again, if so my lawyer said I will need to attend a hearing and it's at that point where people usually get approved. So all in all they said it could take up to 18 months. And personally speaking I think that 1 doctor's visit won't be enough to get approved. I have had MANY and SSI said I didn't have enough proof in my medical records that my anxiety was hindering my ability to work. They sent me to a psychologist for a report.
Answered 7 years ago

can take years, it did for me
Answered 7 years ago

It took me both getting an attorney, and years to fight and win. You cannot be working during the time you are trying to get this money. Everyone gets denied, but you must keep up with the timeframes to appeal. I have pages worth of illnesses, lost my job, my home (was in a shelter) when I finally went before a judge and won. Good luck. You need a lot of dr visits or a terminal illness to win. AND patience.
Answered 7 years ago

It only took about a month but I had an attorney and over 20 years of medical and pysc records. I never even appeared in court
Answered 6 years ago

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