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What has worked for you to beat agoraphobia?

I'm finding it hard to leave my 'safe place' in our basement family room. I've had panic all over the house. I know the room has nothing to do with it, but somehow I still want to avoid the rooms I've been in during bad panic attacks. My logic isn't helping me move forward.
Category: Agoraphobia 8 years ago
Patti  Cunningham
Asked 8 years ago

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Take things slowly step by step, Exposure work has worked wonder's for me. Like say you can't walk so many feet towards end of road, you plan out a step by step program, by saying right 1: I'll open the door to my house and stand there 10 mins, and stick to it, 2: would be either abit longer at the door, or 1 foot into the direction you want to head. You make the program to suit you, also it helps to make worksheets, where you can monitor your anxiety levels and feelings.
Answered 8 years ago

First thing I did was prescribed medication so I could at least be calm enough to be able learn new behaviors. I was so anxious that it consumed me. Once I calmed down enough I was able to start learning coping skills (CBT) then started practicing exposure to the situations that made me anxious. I had set backs but never failures because you cannot fail if you are only practicing. Slowly my safe area expanded bit by bit. I was still anxious but not out of control like before I started. What is nice now is you can do therapy from home. Back then I had to make trips to see someone. There are some very good at home programs too. It is a lot of work but it does work. I wish you all the best and just know it can be done.
Answered 8 years ago

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