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ocd with agoraphobia

anyone suffer from ocd because of agoraphobia?
i have to check that the lock on my door works 5 or 6 times before i try and go for a walk because i get anxiety about not getting back in
Category: Agoraphobia 8 years ago
Asked 8 years ago

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Consider... a special bracelet like one of those that people wear for special causes... or a simple string to tie around your finger. And put that around your finger as you lock the door. Then, instead of going to check the lock at least you only have to look at your finger. I have found that for me, there is an issue of the things we do automatically getting put into that part of the mind we place things that are unimportance... but then we realize their importance and realize we have no actual memory of having done them. Sort of like walking... you don't recall each step, but you must have taken each one. You know that because you got to where you are. I can understand because on my first car, I pulled the passenger door rest nearly loose over the years with my reaching over from the drivers side to tug on it to test that the passenger door was truly shut tight. (While stopped at lights etc.) I learnt to make note of something whenever I did such an action so that I would be able to remember having done it. IE Making note of a particular rose on the wallpaper beside the door when I locked it. By making note, it made the action of locking the door concrete in my memory. LOL one thing I now obsess on is... not becoming obsessed with anything. Ie counting things, collecting things, washing things...
Answered 8 years ago

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